Long time fan finaly signed up at the DFforum

Hi there!
My first introduction to AFI was the song The Lost Souls on a compilation cd that came with a french punk magazine. I fell in love at first sound and been following them since! I’ve also been lucky to see them perform in Belgium for three times. I hope they will visit Europe again some time, meanwhile I remain blasting their music through the stereo :smiley: .


Welcome! I’m glad you found us! I know international fans have it rough, since they don’t get over to Europe super often!

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Welcome @AnnabelLee ! Thank you for finding us.

Initiation into Lost Souls is what sucked me in back in 2000. So again, I can very much relate to you.

Welcome to the forums <33

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Welcome! :smiley: You’re going to have a great time here :slight_smile:

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