Looking for: some recent AFI represses (Behind The Times, Dork, Eddie)

I’ve been kind of sleeping on the recent re-releases of the early AFI catalog, wasn’t really feeling the direction (or prices), but figured I might as well keep the collection complete. Looking for:

Dork - red
Dork - black store exclusive
Behind - purple
Behind - ivory store exclusive
Eddie - orange store exclusive

If you want to get rid of any of these at a solid price, hit me up. I’d prefer to buy as may as possible in one go due to international shipping.



Let me check my stuff…I probably have extra of all of these. Your in Europe correct Slinch? Id have to figure out shipping too…do you have the All Hollows 10" Blue version? I can add that too if you need it.

Hey Mr.Grass! If there is anything Slinch doesn’t want I’d be interested .Any of the 7s,picture discs,dork reissue with the regular cover feel free to PM me,I opened a separate account it’s my vinyl fund all because I seen that beautiful blue all hallows! What do you need,link me to your discos cuz I’m in the heart of alot record stores I want to return the favor and get you something cool.

THEYres some dork. And rddie,fly in the ointment 3d sleeve version and otherd on ebay if your interested.

Cool thank you I’m trying to get all the fly in the ointment presses.My tattoo artist drew the front and tatted Davey.I’m going to his house for some work and to get some film as he has some stuff from Afi he was gifted for drawing that so I’m super excited to see what he has ,various pressings and such and I’ll be sure to share it with you guys


I dont think i could find a word to describe how awesome that is.its crazy how small the world can seem sometimes,were all connected one way or another.i usually check to see whats available almost everyday because it shifts so frequently.ill let you all know anytime i find anything of your interest.thank you.have a wonderful day.

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