Merch Question. Legit?

Hi friends,

Wanting to purchase this sweatshirt but not 100% sure if it’s legit. I remember this design as a shirt but not hoodie. It does have the copyright Cinder Block on it but not a Cinder Block tag. Would appreciate anyone’s input.

Thanks y’all!

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How much is it being sold for? That’s usually a giveaway

It’s listed at $21 AU which is about $14 US. Seems too good to be true…

I’d say probably bootleg. However price isn’t massive so if you want the design, take a punt at that price. As we’ve seen with one of the promo cd’s recently something we all thought was bootleg ended up being legit.

My gut is saying the same thing. Print also seems a bit to crisp to be from 2003.

Thanks for your help!

I’m quite certain that is not real. I do not ever recall that being on a hoodie - it was on a t-shirt, not a hoodie.

Yeah I only remember the shirt too. Thanks!

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