Merry Xmas & Happy Holidays!


I just wanted to wish everyone a safe and happy Holiday.

Thank you for making these forums what they are. :slight_smile:


Happy Holidays to you too!! :snowflake:


Happy holidays to everyone!


Merry Christmas Friends. Took this on a walk today in the woods. I was thinking about Decemberunderground.


So pretty! That’s gorgeous!


Happy Holidays/Merry Christmas/happy Yule to everyone!:heart:


Awww, thanks! It was so snowy upstate NY today…I had to get out in it. My parents have land so my brother and I walked through the woods…it was peaceful and I could hear the lyrics to The Interview:

Calm down.
Come down cold resides with me.
With me.

I flee to, I flee to decemberunderground.
As you exhale, I breathe in and sink into,
The water underground,
And I grow pale without you.


It wasn’t as snowy downstate, but that is GORGEOUS land. Really beautiful! And definitely. That has a vibe perfect for those lyrics.