Missing Man? AFI's being mysterious again




If it’s a single or album or E.P. I’m all for it!


Someone should use this image for a “No Dave Party” edition of one of those shitty bootleg picture flexis.


I see a lot of people freaking out in the twitter and Instagram comments.

Also i’m Thinking an EP. :slight_smile:


So many mixed feelings right now about this. Crossing my fingers we’ll see a new EP or album soon!


NO. I don’t have time to get involved with this now, AFI. :joy:

Okay, seriously though. I doubt it’s an EP. When was the last time they actually came out with one? 2002? Maybe it’s a new album, although that’s kind of surprising given how recent Blood was released compared to the length of time between albums they usually take. Or maybe it’s another weird side project? :thinking:


No, hang on, I got it.

Dave is leaving the band and he’s going to be replaced by a female vocalist. :upside_down_face:


By Gwen Stefani, would be HILARIOUS


I guess it’s a new album…Davey said they were working on a new album…although that could mean they would release it in a couple of years and not right now…

That’s clearly and obviously “Missing Man”…which is what Davey had on his jacket…I think it’s too many hints for just an EP…

Question is…what about “Missing Woman”? What @Vanished and @Pablo say kinda makes sense :stuck_out_tongue: Davey stole No Doubt from Gwen Stefanini…so she might as well stole AFI from him…and that would be too weird…

Honestly…it can mean anything :frowning: Damn…I’m going to spend all week trying to get the secret message…


Damn…you’re right :open_mouth:


Oh god, please no…


Just pre-ordered my Missing Man EP bundle with a SIGNED lithograph!!! Very excited! :metal:t2::heart:️:sunglasses: