Most unexpected place to find a fellow AFI fan


So…today was my daughter’s last day in 3rd Grade. So, I meet her 4th grade teacher…who I met before…although never spoke to him much…thing is…I was wearing my “17 Crimes” t-shirt…and he was like “You like AFI don’t you?” And I was like…“Of course :slight_smile: It’s my favorite band”…

Then he told me…“When I saw your t-shirt and said to myself…you don’t get that t-shirt if your not an AFI fan”…I told him that I was a Despair Faction member and he was impressed…we talked a little bit about Davey…about albums and in the end…we said to each other “You have really good taste in music” :smiley:

Never expected to find a fellow AFI fan in my daughter’s teacher… and that’s awesome! :smiley: Next time I will recommend him to join the club for sure :wink:


Awesome story! I shared it of course. :slight_smile:


I got a compliment on my AFI shirt (the Blood Album one that’s up on hot topic) walking into the grocery store the other day. Which descended into a whole AFI discussion. AFI fans are really everywhere!


You’re right :wink: That’s why I try to wear my AFI shirts everywhere I go :stuck_out_tongue: You never know where the next AFI fan is going to be :wink:


My problem is that I’m hesitant to I my AFI shirts because I cherish them so much, LOL.

I will start wearing my Blood shirts more often. :slight_smile: