My AFI collection is building

My phones super screwed an slow as pus so i can’t post photos at moment but I will soon as I far I’ve gotten…
Atasf-cd.nitro records
Vpoy-cd.nitro records
Symaoye-cd.nitro records
A fire records
Taod-cd.nitro records.(missing the back cover artwork,so im looking for the packaging or another copy to have it complete).
All hollows eve-cd.nitro records
Black sails recods(just got this)
Bsits-cd.nitro records.(missing cover art so im looking for the cover or another copy to have it complete.,UK version.nitro/ bonus trax.
Sts-cd.silver/silver covers.UK version.nitro/ bonus track.
Sts, cd, dvd, clandestine book. Just got this also about 3days ago.
Miss murder-cd promo.hand stamped promo with inxs song don’t change.
Girls not grey-cd.4track single in card stockcase.Just got these two singles.
Du-2cd set from Japan. Brand new. Still in plastic.
Cl-cd.dgc,interscope records. No bonus trax.
Cl-cd. Cd,dvd set. Dgc, interscope records.
Burials -cd, digipak, 13 trax, republic records.
The blood album, cd, digipak, 14 trax, concorde records.
And i have a copy of the blood album with 16 page booklet in a jewel case on its way to me right now from the russian federation. Very very excited to get that for under 20 bux. I also collect my chemical romance and various other artists as well.


Awesome keep going,I been going vinyl first definitely pricier and challenging some vinyls have 13 color variations for each albumßDifferent logos that’s is insanity!Plus all the reissue and special serial numbered editions, I can talk for hours!
Do you plan on getting a black on black STS and blacked out crash love?I’ve only seen them in one persons collection.Good luck keep going!
PS I saw you recently got clandestine congrats,I got mine for a bargains,there one in store above retail I may buy as they never hut the market to often.May I ask was it under 100 u.s. ?

I definately am wanting to get the black on black sts and the black crash love.its gonna be a hardcore challenge and kill my wallet…lol.ya i was lucky to get it under a hundred.i paid about 65 dollars.just ordered a used copy of black sails in the sunset so i can have the full cover.mine is missing the front.ill combine them together tho.i need the back cover to the art of drowning ill prolly get a used copy of that soonish after i try to get a few more rarer items…thanks for messaging me.glad to talk with you.

Wow.ive never seen one.that would rule

This is from the limited velvet LP boxed set from 2003. There were 1,000 of them I believe. I have it as well.

Do you just have the VPOY vinyl or do you have the others?

IDK HO ABOUT THE boxset sleeves…thatt would be the shit to own

Im phones super screwd an i cant see half the text im writing til the second getting a new one soon i think.i meant i dont know how i forgot about the boxset sleeves…lol.

Ive got 15 more days to go before i can see what is still available to trying to keep my hopes down in case it sells but im gonna try dangit.i still cant find a black sts anywhere cept the autographed cover for 102 bux.and im wondering about the guy selling the d.u. picture cd set.its the second one with the same pic ive seen go for 70 bux i believe a few months ago and now its back for the same price.i wonder if hes assembling these out of a shit ton of used limited d.u. cds for 20 bux and selling them for 70.hmmm.i do want the collection but really dont want to spend 70 bux but then would save me from ordering a bunch of limited d.u cds to make my own an havta go thru the hit and miss of too many doubles.knowing me id assemble two to play with and one to strictly barely look at… still collecting stuff i used to have already.kinda bums me out a lil but im happy to be back on the planet and able to enjoy the stuff i used to enjoy.i lost myself a bit awhile back and am back on track and even picked up the guitar again after a seriuos dissillusionment with life.i know its too much but i play wngwie j malmsteen type of guitar solos and a bunch of over the top but dont really listen to that kind of guitar god music.i prefer a.f.i . and lately indie experimental gets my attention.have a wonderful day to everyone here.

Awesome find,I’d love to have the box set I remember when they both came out I didn’t even think of it.Now I’m paying for it dearly!I saw that black on black sts signed too haha I’ve been keeping an eye out for you I’m in a high traffic area of amoebas,rasputins and hole in the walls,I’m yet to see an all black sts or crash love in store I think maybe the employees can’t see what is is then it catches someone’s attention do a little research and it never hits the sales floor…As for used DU are you talking just the cd picture inserts?who do you need I can scour through used copies and find you some, please don’t pay that much!If you were, buy the limited DU 7 inch set plus you’ll get Smith too!

Right now the only copy i have of d.u i got from salcation army here in didnt have the pic in it.i got to get four limited edition cds and i wont know which pic is in each one.ive messaged quite a few retailers and they wont go thru the used copies and pick me out 4 dif pic ones so itl be pot luck for me.if you can come up with 4 pics from release id pay you something.any help is appreciated.thank you.

No worries I go all the time most of the cds you can open and check out the disc,It may take a few visits as I look to see for the pics just for kicks and they’re not there to often but they pop up.I remember on the old AFI board someone posted a way if you angle the cd a certain way you can tell by the corner of the picture who you were getting.Omg LOL looking back ive never seen a band have the pull on people AFI does,I love it.I’ll take a look and message you when I find something.I’m sure I can find them for 3 a pop or less.I won’t pay retail or more than that.

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THats super slick to know which pic it iswiout opening it.i wish there was a real music store in my town.the mall sux here.i couldnt believe it when i found d.u at the salvation army.i got the in shadows i remain old school original print t shirt from the salvation army last year.for 3 bux.i couldnt believe it.thank you so much.i hope i can help you all out as well one day.

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