My AFI record dividers

I wanted to update my variant record organization and give it a new look. I had inspiration for this idea from my local record store where they use actual band logos on their album dividers instead of just band names in generic font. I wanted to do something similar with AFI’s album titles and they came out just how I pictured.

Record dividers: ~$40 for a pack of 30
Sticker paper: $5 for a pack of 8


Question - what is the name of the fonts on Shut Your Mouth and Black Sails? I’ve always wondered that. I think they fit those albums perfectly.

Idk. I used the text from the actual album covers. I just removed the excess color around the text.

Here are the album title files if you want to make some for your collections.


Very cool, thank you! (Shut Your Mouth link doesn’t work btw.)


Oh, wow, amazing work there. Thanks for sharing the images of the fonts/names.


That’s a fantastic idea!


Is it not showing on your screen? It’s not a link so you have to right click and save.

For sticker paper, I cannot recommend these enough. They are truly clear and not cloudy at all.
Also make sure your dividers have a lip that’s at least 13.5". If not, then your labels will be pretty small.

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This is a great idea!

Thanks. Now I’m considering doing the same for the 7"s.


@dnlkdwll showing us how it SHOULD be done.

This is impressive. Thank you for sharing!