My name is Craig and now in Nashville darkragingflame on old board

Hi there long time df fan i was darkragingflames on the original board
Looking for people I used to talk to ally Clarke from Sydney Australia and Sarah Holmes from Florida if anyone knows them still
But anyways recovering addict here happily married a year sober
Afi has been great to me
I have been a fan since sing the sorrow here are pics My wife took from the Nashville last year


another original DF board member… very nice to have you with us. Welcome.

Thanks for finding us!

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Wow, drinking in USA is sooooo expensive.

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It is and I never have drank much! Pablo are you the old Pablo who used to share music and videos and stuff in the old threads ?or is that another Pablo ?

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Same old Pablo! Haha. Were you on AFI Series?

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Think so yep :slight_smile: I forgot my username there though


I love that we all know @Pablo as the guy who shared videos :joy:


I still dont have my verified DF thingy I should prob send you my emails as profd huh @STORMS​:joy::joy::joy:

I went to that show. It was so good! It was my first of four on that tour.

My brothers name is Craig and lives in Nashville and was at that show as well.

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Maybe we know each other lol

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Welcome! You can see that we’re a really nice bunch of AFI fans :slight_smile: