MyFireInside Podcast: Don't Make Me Ill

The boys over at RattHaus or @MyFireInsidePod have put together their first episode of “My Fire Inside” podcast. This podcast comes at a pretty perfect time actually. The reason I say that is because AFI is done touring (sorry for those who missed out!), so this keeps the fire going and the AFI fans together that much more during the down time.

In this episode, they cover four “Answer That And Stay Fashionable” songs. They play the songs one at a time, then discuss them in depth.

Episode 1: ATASF - Don’t Make Me Ill

Also, @MyFireInsidePod, we’d like to give YOU a special THANK YOU for mentioning “We Are AFI” on your podcast. Even @Snobgrass gets a shoutout! :wink:


I can start using this image from now on, but sometimes it’s nice to see the faces behind the podcast. :wink:

These are the sorry souls that decided to join MTR on this journey of A Fire Inside, lpl

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Ha, awesome. Noted! I’ll use this image going forward.

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Hey @MyFireInsidePod !

I’m listening to the new one now! :slight_smile:

Would there be a good time for me to come on the show sometime this week or weekend?

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Not this weekend, can you next weekend by chance???

Let’s talk as we get closer to that weekend. I’m off this week and go back next, so it may be difficult but let’s see if we can make something happen. :slight_smile: