MyFireInsidePod - Episodes 9 & 10 discuss, "Black Sails in the Sunset"


The boys are back with a special guest, Sandra to discuss a few of the most iconic AFI songs to date. Malleus Maleficarum and The Prayer Position are fan-favor songs that stem from the same album with the even more iconic AFI intro, “Strength Through Wounding” (Through our bleeding, we are one!).

As usual there’s fun talk and they also break down the lyrics and express individually, what they think the song means in general an to themselves.

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These ice cream references are giving me life :pray:

I always thought MTR’s opinion on God Called in Sick Today was interesting, so I’m really looking forward to their take on the song.

Thats Patrick for you!

And I swear I don’t hate GCIST (not that you said that or anything), Im just never a huge fan of the “hits” or a highly popular song (as you can tell with Miss murder :grin:). I love going deep into a band’s catalog and finding beautiful gems that would never make it to the radio! You’ll hear more details on it in 2 weeks!

PS: we have a 5th week so… BONUS EPISODE THIS MONTH!!!

Also, @STORMS YOUR THE BEST BROTHER! We’re gonna have you back either this week or next week.


Another great podcast guys! Always love hearing them. FYI, a Black Sails EP sold on eBay this morning for about $35 bucks…and there was also a Black Sails AP EP put out by AP magazine that was included when you purchased the magazine. That came in a cardboard sleeve. Not sure how many.