Need volunteers to help me run our social media

The title says it all! If there is anyone who would LOVE to contribute to these forums by posting on our social media channels to help drive traffic and awareness of us here, let me know!

I’ll do it. I would love to be more involved. Let me know what all would need to be done, what kind of posting schedule you want, etc.


A posting schedule would be daily, if you could. I can add you as staff and we can jot ideas down regarding polls to run, etc.

Sometimes I just highlight on different areas of the forum or if anyone nabbed a sick piece of AFI merch, etc.

Yeah that sounds great. Just let me know what sort of content you want to focus on and sort of the logistics of it once you add me.

Is there a link to your social media channels? I see Facebook but wasn’t sure if there was Twitter or YouTube or whathaveyou. I’d be more than happy to post up to date setlist info as it occurs, I go to a ton of these shows and just like getting the word out to as many people as possible.


Our social media team now consists of…


I’d like to add more people if you have a serious interest of helping grow our community here!

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Would love to help but doubt I will have the time :frowning: Also for what I can see on Facebook and Twitter…you guys are doing a damn good job :slight_smile: