New album is dope 🖤

Anyone interested in listening to the album 3 days early pm me Dark times at the berlin wall is sooooo fucking good.


I love it that you always let us know about the leak hahaha.

Please send it to me!!

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The REAL MVP !!! Thank you :pray:t2:

Thank you @Cher_I_Despair, I’m listening to ir right now. Berlin Wall is really good, so as Summer’s Out.

I’m downloading what appears to be a 256kbps rip, if it’s legit I will share it with everybody.

Id keep it limited to DF only

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Deff keeping it in the Df only . Listening to it now ! You just made my day :black_heart:

I posted on instgram and was weary cause I though davey would be mad I have it early but apparantly not​:joy::joy:


Here’s @256kbps

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The album is kinda all over the place for me. There are a few songs i dont like at all, but several songs on it are amongst the best they’ve ever done.

I need to listen to it more to form a solid opinion, but besides the released songs, I’m really loving “Enemies Forever” and “Dark Arcades”.

Isn’t it kinda early in the day to have 9% battery? :joy:


I’m torn between downloading now, or waiting until midnight tomorrow to freak out :grimacing:

Just as a nice reminder. Make sure anyone who downloads or listens to this leak makes an effort to purchase, or at the very least stream this on a streaming service so the band receives commission and sales. Without this, it reduces the likelihood of future release and sales charting.


I’m not really loving it, just not doing anything special for me. That being said ‘Dark Times At The Berlin Wall’ is absolute fucking tune :ok_hand:

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Infinite Skin, OK Alex and Dark Times… are probably still holding down the favorite spots for me, but Maker has been sticking in my head a bunch too. Anyone else get a Madonna vibe from the chorus vocal hook in that one?

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I may be in the minority here but I love maker and arcades

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I love dark arcades! I sing it in my head to drown out annoying songs my coworkers sing at work :laughing:

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2 weeks after the release I can safely say I enjoy this album way way more than I enjoyed The Blood Album.

I love that with the setlist they’re doing the same they did with AFI, which is playing old so ga for the first time.

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I’m surprised no one mentioned this little easter egg


Do you happend to know who did the artwork for that record?