New BA single! Caroline in the Clip

The song is much slower than the others, not sure how I feel about it yet…it’s different.


So far each track to me sounds like late 80s to early 90s industrial/electronic. First track had early Ministry vibes. Second reminded me of Nitzer Ebb. This one especially the intro is very Dead Can Dance sounding. Guessing its intentional. Not a bad thing.


The title of this one had me fearing that i probably wouldn’t like it (there are a few others that worry me too), but i was pleasantly surprised by it. Probably my second favorite behind “The Viles”.

If the quality of this album stays high, it may top Material for me.

Yeah I don’t get the title at all… but the more I listen, the more it grows on me. Viles is still my #1, followed by ok Alex.

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In the lyrics, Caroline clips a piece of her hair while they are standing in front of a mirror (or so I thought I heard in the lyrics).

I agree with @MarkeeShadows - When I listened to the album I got an 80’s vibe from some of the songs. I like The Viles the most.