New here and saying Hi ๐Ÿ™‚

My name is Jes and Iโ€™m currently living in Maryland (military life). Iโ€™ve been an AFI fan for years and just found the forum the other day. Just want to introduce myself and say hello :wave:

And just for fun a pic from last nights show in Maryland :black_heart:


Welcome Jess!

How did you find us?

I was there last night two, but I was in the lawnโ€ฆ you clearly had a better place. :smile:

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I searched Despair Faction on google and this forum popped up.

I had seats way up and off to the side but I checked Ticketmaster right before the show and saw seats in the middle and closer up had dropped in price and I purchased new tickets :woman_facepalming:t3::crazy_face:


Wowโ€ฆ noted for next time. Good for you! I was on the lawn and even brought a few things to get signedโ€ฆ but it came to a point where I knew that wasnโ€™t happening.

Again, welcome to the forums! :slight_smile: Have you seen the latest DF bundle?

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Thank you so much and yes I did. I purchased it already :slightly_smiling_face::+1:t2:

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Welcome to the forums @JessicaHalfacre and thanks for the awesome picture! :open_mouth:


The photo is incredible :slight_smile:


Thanks! I just have a pretty decent camera :grin: I asked Merriweather if the camera I had was ok before I came and they said yes so I was like awesome

That was the view from my seat with my phone.


You look familiarโ€ฆ I think I saw you coming through to the merch table with a guy after the showโ€ฆ that sound about right?

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We left right after AFI but we did squeeze thru the merch line to get out. Also you know me from years ago :joy:

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