Newbie collector question


Anyone know just how rare a gold vinyl of “fly in the ointment” is? Curious if it’s worth putting in the money


It’s definitely worth it. Me personally, I would pay around $100 for it. Others like @Acidpickle @dnlkdwll and @Snobgrass have a better insight on vinyl though.


There were 1000 of the gold pressings, I believe it was the second pressing. Here is a site that will give you a huge amount of info on every afi record or cd:

I have 2 of these, paid around $50 for one and $25 for the second.


@Snobgrass said it best. $50 is probably the max. Average is $40 or so. If you’re patient you can get it for a good price. With the amount of variants bouncing around for FITO, $100 is far too high.