Old DF member new to the forum

Hi! I was in the DF long ago circa Sing the Sorrow, but when the old DF site went down I just never signed up for the new one…until today! I’m 33 and have been in love with AFI since I was introduced to them when StS came out while I was in high school. I now have all AFI albums as well as Blaqk Audio and Dreamcar and have had the pleasure of seeing both AFI and Blaqk Audio in concert (AFI multiple times). I also have 2 AFI tattoos that I posted in that particular thread.


Welcome to the forum! We’re so happy to have on board :slight_smile: Specially if you come from the old forums :wink: I’m not :frowning: But many people here are :wink:

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Thanks for finding us. Welcome!

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