*Pending* New DFC logo - your thoughts?


I’ve been working with my artist on a design that encompasses the DF. If you recall, the DF logo is a black heart with wings, has a skull and roses.

This design embodies all of that (except the wings). Let me know if you like it or don’t. Be honest!

It is a skull-shaped heart. The vine (to the roses) is to represent the longevity that is the DF.


I like it :slight_smile: If I can have an sticker for my laptop…I would be happy :wink: So let me know if they ever become available :slight_smile:

This design looks better than the original one…


I love it! It looks fantastic so far.


Wow looking good so far storms I dig the heart and vine concept,maybe a little change in the roses so they don’t look so stencily,maybe halfway hidden behind the heart?Just a thought but don’t get me wrong this looks really really awesome.Once we get the logo we can work on our DFC package!Hope all you guys are doing well.

EDIT:The roses actually grown on me,it gives it a cool look.


Thanks for the comments everyone. I’m having her adjust the roses as requested. I am also having her try putting cracks in the crack in the form of the letters “DF”. I don’t know if it will look right though.


Here are the symbols:

Their meaning:
[Take Me] [Away] [My Sanctuary] [Always]


That’s awesome @STORMS I love the symbols! :smiley:


Thanks @Blag! I’m having my artist add a cloak to the figure with the reaching hand.

For the most part, the skull heart has really grown on me.


DUDE! You nailed it,you freaking nailed it!I love this and the other heart logo aswell.So awesome,once these are looked at with fresh eyes they will always divert to DFC,just like the iconic STS leaves.Love the titles too.Very nice work man!Afi will be proud!Wait till they begin to notice a number of us popping up at shows with these,so cool!


Thanks Kurt!

BTW I’ve created some merch items via RedBubble. I just put them up so if there are any changes you’d prefer, let me know.

The DFC has also been updated on these items. The more I think about it the more I don’t think we need the letters “DF” as cracks in the heart.

@Blag @sayasha @_tonibell


Dude it looks cool,the idea of the DF in cracks sounds cool too.I like the tank but I know it’s not for dudes haha but I like how the logo is bigger or it at least looks that way.I’ll be grabbin a tee.Nice job again man.


Will surely get mine on my next paycheck :slight_smile: Regular t-shirt…I agree with @Ksf145 on the tank :stuck_out_tongue:


The more I think about it, I think the letters “DF” as cracks would be too much. I’m thinking the logo may be done…


@Ksf145 @Blag

Don’t get anything quite yet. I’m having my artist touch of the edges on the DFC logo. I’m having her do a few tweaks to the icons as well.


Here’s an update on the DFC logo. It still needs cleaned up around the edges.

Also, I feel the need to explain the logo as some may argue it as an “image” and that it does not have anything with letters of “DFC” on it anywhere. That was actually the point. Because neither did the original logo. The goal is that over time, when people see our DFC logo of the Skull Heart, they automatically know it is what it is.


The roses pop really well,I like it all man.Those buttons too!Stickers,tees,buttons pretty much DFC pack #1!Came out awesome!


I’m digging the new logo @STORMS



I’m having my artist add wings… as long as it goes the way I want it to it will then fully encompass the original DF logo to now.


@Ksf145 @Vanished @Blag

Near completion? :wink:


Looks awesome @STORMS Can’t wait to see the final version :smiley: