Pick One. (One item from your collection)


I’m going there.

If you had to pick ONE ITEM out of your AFI collection to rep your entire collection, what would it be?

@Acidpickle @insectpins @Snobgrass (you too, right?) you guys are jerks because you have Dork’s. :slight_smile:

When I think of my collection, the first item to hit me is my limited Black Sails vinyl that I got signed by the whole band at a Meet & Greet (when they still did them)


Frickin’ Hunter actually signed on the vinyl!

That’s also a weird spot to have signed. Never saw that one before.

You’re also asking us to choose our favorite child as well.


Do you mean, since it’s actually on the vinyl? I had them sign the actual vinyl since you could technically swap out the sleeves easily. And the other side of the vinyl has the track listing so having them sign the Port Side with the ship and “empty space” only made sense to me. :slight_smile:


It’s definitely a different way to sign a record. I’ve only seen the actual jacket signed for the most part, other than on picture discs, which ruins the actual use of the record.


I didn’t know signatures on the record could ruin it. Regardless, I never planned on playing it, which is blasphemy to some of you including @_tonibell but yeah, my reasoning for it I stated above. That makes me a little curious to know if it would play now, but I don’t regret getting it signed that way.

In fact, I plan on getting this professionally framed someday.


Yours is fine as Hunter’s signature just barely went onto the actual wax itself (That’s on the inner groove that loops the needle), so it would be fine. If you look online, there is a lot of 336 picture discs signed right on the vinyl itself, which would either scrape off or cause the song to skip every time it hit the signature.

I also hijacked this thread to talk about where a signature is.


You already know much more about vinyl than I do… thank you.

I have three 336 vinyls… Now the World and Reiver’s Music and dear to me. I actually worked at Hot Topic through those times. I’m pretty sure near that during my employment I would continue buying them since they were only $5.99. :slight_smile:


I’ll contribute now. Even with the mass amount of physical media, shirts, stickers, and random merch, my biggest and most important possession is the tour poster from this year.

I finally had enough money (or lack of care of cost) to fly out strictly to Toronto to see the band and come back to work within 24 hours because I know my area of Canada is never going to see them for the unforeseeable future.

I met a lot of nice people there, considering I travelled alone to Toronto for the first time in my life, and a couple fans basically made me stay outside for an hour or more in the cold to meet the band. I ended up meeting 3/4 of the guys that night, and it was basically 15 years of worshipping a band encompassed in a night. I’m surprised I didn’t babble like an idiot, but I had a great conversation with Hunter and Adam, who were honestly incredibly genuine and friendly.

I brought a poster tube as carry on, specifically for this purpose, and when I landed back in Saskatoon, went straight to Michaels to get this custom framed. Cost me a pretty penny, but it was worth every cent.


That is gorgeous.

Yeah, to get this kind of thing framed at my place would be $300-400, but they do an amazing job. The fact that you have the ticket in there too… wow, thank you got sharing!

I still have this poster rolled up in my bed room. I was thinking of taking it to get it signed years from now when they go back on tour, but not sure… there’s so much I want to get signed and framed… there’s definitely a struggle there.

Not to side-track, but when my wife and I went to Sayreville and I had taken some magazine inserts that I had made into a small poster, plus my DOTP EP to get signed - EVERYTHING changed when we got that set list by freak luck. Here is it is:


I think of all the stuff in my collection, my favorite might be the translucent green SYMAOYE. Not too hard to find and not one of their best albums, I just think it looks really cool.


My personal fave of the SYMAOYE vinyls is the yellow. :slight_smile:


If we’re talking about cool vinyl variants, then the mint color variant of BSITS is my favorite of any AFI vinyl. It’s so damn bright and vibrant in person:


That’s a great color.


LOL @STORMS the only thing I listen to at home is vinyl. But they’re your records, and probably will be worth a hell of a lot more because you didn’t play them. Haha


Was this a repress from 2014/15?

And this thread is me asking you if you had to pick ONE item from your collection to rep your collection, which would it be?


I don’t think so. I’ve had this variant for a few years now.

I have 100s of AFI things. I can’t pick just one item that represents it all. So I’ll stick with contributing the most beautiful piece in it.


I just don’t remember that color from years ago (2003ish) when Nitro was releasing all the early albums on colored vinyl. For whatever reason, I only thought they made a few colors of BSITS. Clearly, I missed some colors. :slight_smile:


It’s not really possible to pick just ONE item… I really love my Sing The Sorrow CD booklet that they signed for me (my first AFI CD :heart:️)… but at the moment I’m very excited about this early B-Day gift I got for myself!

I’m going to frame it in the shadow box with the Blood Album pendant (and band photo) and likely the Blood Tour keychain and buttons. I’m a cancer researcher, so I had to get this charity item from Firefly. Also, I didn’t catch Adam’s drumhead at Red Rocks (though I tried), so I’m glad to have this one.
Do you think Hunter wrote “AFI” on this drumhead?


That looks awesome. And it kind of looks like it would be Hunter’s handwriting, but I’m not sure. Still awesome, though.


It might be the first time I’ve ever seen Adams last name on a signature - very nice!!!

Yeah, it’s hard to pick ONE but I figure this is a thread for us to show off our most prized AFI piece.