Pick One. (One item from your collection)


My one thing I cherish most is the signed by Adam and Davey limited to 20 un numbered pink eddies picnic although its no where near as impressive as some


Nothing nearly as special as those posted here or anything signed, but I’ll always love my Clandestine book. Such a cool piece of merch.


From a small DF meet and greet. I think it was the day DU was released?


Beautiful. I like how the back us signed… it’s always usually the front, but you have the track listing signed… very cool. :slight_smile:


Thanks @STORMS! I remember the meet and greet ticket included the DU album and everyone was getting the front cover signed…I wanted to be different. I love the way the signatures framed the track list.


Was this in San Jose? I remember that like yesterday,I know it was either on or the day after release.So much has changed since then,no more Tower Records,Meet and greets arent too common let alone signings.


My most prized item is my signed SYMAOYE shirt

Zoomed out (and me bragging of my photo with Hunter)


Im not such a bad photographer eh?


Haha dude, I will be eternally grateful because if it wasn’t for your expertise I’m sure I wouldn’t have met them.


Actually only reason hunter came out is cause I had Someone message him on instagram and he responded how many people once she said 7 He came out for a bit​:joy::joy::joy: I didnt want to do it myself cause we talk on there almost daily and didnt want to over push it​:joy::joy::joy:


Haha I remember that now! But yeah remember when we saw Adam and we had the barrier in front of us? I followed you to the other side lol I wouldnt have done it myself