Plan to promote DespairFaction.Club and we want your help!


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Folks, a few fellow staff members and I would like to create and promote an article to use to then spend some $ to run a twitter promotion. @Blag has already been so kind to send me money to help this cause.

What we need from each of you is a personalized summary how why fans should come to DespairFaction.Club (formerly WeAreAFI) and what YOU like so much about it.

You may leave these summaries in the replies or send them to me personally via PM. It’s up to you!

Please send them within a day or two as I’d like to kick off this campaign soon!

The article will be called, “Despair Faction forums live again”.


Haha, I know you won’t use that. I’ll write a real one tomorrow!


“Nothing feels better than diving into a deep discussions about your favorite band with others. It’s such a welcoming community which make us feel comfortable to geek about on the rich history of these artists.”

  • My Fire Inside


I’ll PM you something tomorrow.


That’s perfect. I may launch the article tomorrow. I have off tomorrow and go back to work on Friday.


kk, yeah, I can’t do it tonight because the fam is over, and I have to figure out how to dig my car out before work tomorrow AM.


I love this site because it gives me the opportunity to interact with fellow fans who share a mutual love for AFI.


Excellent idea…i personally joined because after getting sucked into reading the posts.very cool,like minded individuals with a wealth of experience and knowledge.(who says you cant teach an old dog new tricks)…ive learned new info from this forum.the members help each other out also and that’s priceless to me.I’m a proud wear a shirt proudly if there was one available for this forum and only available to members that are serious.thank you all once again.


Getting closer… this or something very close to this will be going with the promotion to showcase what our forums look like.


@Blag @insectpins @sayasha @_tonibell


Love it the way it is right now :slight_smile: Specially the “One Dark Flame” :smiley:


I like it. It looks awesome


I tweeted it out and promoted it! Thanks!

Crap. I forgot to make an article and post the quotes. However, perhaps I’ll just tweet out the quotes to grow our twitter.


Just retweet it :slight_smile: And sure…tweeting out separate quotes might help to get even more attention :wink:


I like it a lot. Looks good.


Very cool.i like it as well.


An instagram thing I’ve noticed, if you use the tag #daveyhavok it actually brings in a lot of traffic. If you can get Davey to like a post even more (he liked my LFLA post, I nearly died).


Thanks @sayasha I made an Instagram post aimed at Davey.

I wouldn’t know what I would do if they signed up here or even gave us a shoutout. It would definitely be surreal.


Following the forums on Instagram :slight_smile: And liked the post of course…if Davey’s like your post @STORMS that would call for a celebration! :smiley: Thanks for the tip @sayasha :smiley: I’m excited already! :smiley:


Dude that is so awesome!Who wrote that it’s great and the design!I don’t mind having reed from fly in the ointment drawing up stickers I can post allover sf bay there’s alot of fans here.or we can print the dfc or weareafi logo as a sticker,I forgot to add I believe cheridespair is cool with hunter on Instagram maybe he can send one to him,don’t mean to put you on blast cheridespair


We need a logo before anything.

My idea, if only I could draw… a burning black heart (similar to Davey’s heart tattoo with the letters DF (maybe). Although it might look better as just a burning black heart. The DF logo is a blackheart with wings, skull, etc.