Plan to promote DespairFaction.Club and we want your help!


I’ll give it a go tonight if you don’t mind,dude I honestly love the dfc one we have then put the address below.I’ll admit weareafi will always have a special place in my heart haha I loved that I can’t let it go!


Please do! Any help is appreciated!

Lol… well, the WeAreAFI domain still technically works and always will. :wink:

However, I had to think about us and what would actually work better for us on many levels. DF is more recognizable, PLUS I feel we deserve a DF domain to go to. The regular DF domain redirects to AFI’s site. Also, when you’re telling anyone about us, it’s easier to say “DFC” than “WeAreAFI”.


@Ksf145 kinda like this:



Yup that’s what I’m going off I’ll leave space for mods and add from there I’ll pm a pic when I get done in the morning.FYI about origins project heres an update all I need is a trip to the Phoenix,I’ll be going early the day of a show to get a tour I arranged,an interview with reed and that’s about it,I got some suprise cameos,like I’m thinking we can do this for the members here and all of us can present it to the band as a gift or something like all our usernames at the end or individual ohotos of each of us holding our DFC advert you designed.What do you think?


Regarding the logo, I know someone who is able to do this. She told me she should have some concepts for me in a week or so.

It’s going to be a burning black heart.


Ok cool that sounds alot better and she sounds really good so I can’t wait to see this,the advert looks awesome as it is then a logo it will really be significant,like how when we see the leaves we know it’s sing the sorrow a burning black heart will be the DFC!This is beyond cool I have a feeling the band will thank you in someway in the near future,just a hunch.



I was able to hand out about 6 cards tonight. My favorite was to (Im guessing her age) a 12 year old girl at the merch table. Her parents were buying her pretty much whatever she wanted and even asked her if she was a vinyl for her record player… I tapped her on the shoulder and gave her a card. :slight_smile:


Could it be this little girl by any chance?


BTW…awesome about the cards! Spreading the word is a must! :smiley:


Nah, it was a different girl. That’s also awesome though. :slight_smile: