Pop Kids read through in January?


I started it!


Have people started yet? First impressions?/second first impressions?
Gonna get back into reading my copy tonight.


I’m up to about chapter 11 and Score is as self-absorbed this time through as he was the last time! Though @_tonibell notes are helping me appreciate some of the more subtle things that are going on in the book.

Did I mention this book makes me really glad I never had any brothers? Well, it does.


a quote I particularly like “People who wear Smiths shirts don’t use emoticons.” pg 59


I’m now up to chapter 45. Does anyone else find it hard to keep track of the characters, especially since they all have dual names?! I wish the peripheral characters (e.g. Al, Cruz, Volta, MK, Ash) were a little more fleshed out too (no pun intended :laughing:, there’s enough bared flesh in this book to last a lifetime). I think that would help me keep up.

Couple of quotes I like:
"…I sleep for what seems to be about ten minutes before Holly scolds “Shouldn’t you be in class young man?”…
“I’m not missing anything. And the bed wanted to practice”…“Come on, help it learn its part” (pg 192).

“I’ve got a new-wave, soccer-hooligan, rock-n’-roll runner type thing happening here” (pg 209). Still trying to get my head round this!

@STORMS do you get PK and LFLA delivered at the same time? Or has PK been delivered already?


Because the chapters are so short, I feel like it’s so easy to just breeze through the book. This structure also helps with organizing what’s going on and when/with whom (since some of these characters are harder to follow than others). I feel like it would’ve been a lot harder to read had the chapters been a more traditional length. Though I can def see where you’re coming from with losing track of characters/their dual identities. I think it’s an easier read the second (or in my case, third) time around!


Sooo…I’ve finished the book but am still a tad confused. I think I read it too fast towards the end and missed out on some subtle things (P.s. this is the 2nd time I’ve read it - read it when it first came out 5 years ago but have next to no recollection of it :confused: - think my brain just chose to forget the depravity!).

Hmmm, will have to have another flick back through…


I really do feel like you could write an entire paper about Mike/Score’s lighter in this book. When he uses it, what it signifies about his emotional state…


What are you still confused about?


Spoilers for those that haven’t yet read the book:

I’ve read parts again and there were extra clues pointing to Holly’s true nature that I missed at first - the shark references which I didn’t get at first, her eyes that constantly seemed to change colour and the wine bottles that always seemed to be near her. There were clues all along that Holly wasn’t what Mike thought she was and that she was more ‘experienced’ than he thought too but Mike was oblivious to these - The whole ‘love is blind’ thing I guess, although it was clear that it was more infatuation with her rather than love, and more so, infatuaton with his idea of her, rather than than the reality of her.

However I still have some questions about Holly. Why did she never get involved in the scenes properly and get with Mike before the end? Was it because it was novel for her to be treated in a less-sexualised manner than she was used to? Because she genuinely liked Mike and wanted to take it slow with him?
I also don’t get the repition of that phrase she says/:
“So I am…just don’t don’t get any on me” - can’t figure this out.

Stella and Mike - I do think Mike/Score does have some genuine feelings for Stella throughout the book but at the same time, he shows a lack of care i.e., using her for ‘fame/potential fame’ even if she does the same to him; and being ok with/willingly ignoring her ‘activities’ with others (which again is mutual). He does in a way see what’s been infront of him all along but equally his rose-tinted view of Holly has now transferred to Stella.
Finally, if Stella and Holly were as close as they seemed, Holly surely would have shared her feelings for Mike with Stella. Did Stella manufacture the situation of ‘ruining’ her friend and ruining the chances of Mike and Holly for her own benefit?


I’m just going to point out that @_tonibell just got mentioned on the podcast that went up today (not by name, but Davey is aware of your existence!) The podcast is called 2 hours with Matt Pinfield.


What? Really? Obviously not my name but he mentioned me?


He mentioned there was someone teaching his book, putting it on their syllabus next to Lolita, and he was VERY flattered


I just listened. Yep, that’s me. He had retweeted my photo of the books ages ago. That was adorable and so sweet. Thanks for telling me. I wouldn’t have checked it out otherwise. I normally don’t have the attention span for podcasts.


I wouldn’t let you miss it!

Towards the end (like 10 minutes from the end) they do talk book recommendations, in case you didn’t get that far and would be interested in that :grin:


I was able to listen to 1/2 of it before I had to go back to work, but I’ll finish it later. Thank you again!


something that occurred to me about Holly…and this may not play out as I finish my re-read of the book, but is it possible that she’s actually in love with Stella/Sarah? And getting close to Mike is just a means of getting close to her? I mean, Mike thinks she’s looking at him, but it’s possible she’s looking at Stella…I don’t know, just a thought I had.


I think it’s implied that she and Stella had a thing but whether it was serious on her part or just fooling around, I’m not sure. Then again, Stella has a thing with everyone!


Has anyone figured out what the play/musical isn’t that Score is in? The only one I can figure out is Pippin, which is a musical. It’s referred to as both in the book…