Post every AFI show you have attended,venue,date,set


I have some digging to do I look forward to your responses


You may want to consider using this link to help:

Cool thread idea.


That site will definitely be a big help thanks instead of posting long set lists I’ll post a list of all the songs that were played over the duration of the dates,I guess this thread idea was a swing and a miss but I’ll start with the shows I attended and add the set lists later as I have to study,I love this site btw it’s about time one exists.NOTEIn 2004 Afi was touring the last leg of Sts when Davey had the unfortunate issue with his voice cancelling the tour there was a bay area date in march and also a date for my birthday March 27th to be played in their hometown of Ukiah at what I remember either going to be at a skatepark or benefitting a skatepark.That would have been awesome but having Davey healthy and able to sing always comes first.

STS era-June 13th 2003 Live 105 2003 BFD ,Main Stage
Death of fall tour 10/23/2003 San Jose civic auditorium
Secret show DU 4/26/2006 Slims san francisco
June 2006 live 105 BFD shoreline amphitheater ca
Du 9/9/2006 bill graham civic san francisco
March 7/2007 uc d’avis Freeborn hall d’avis ca
October 6th 2007w/the cure Shoreline amphitheater mountain view ca
December 11 2009 Not so silent night oracle arena,oakland ça
January 15 2010 Phoenix Theater Petaluma Ca
January 28 2010 The Catalyst Santa Cruz ca
September 4th 2010 w/green day shoreline amphitheater mountain view cs
October 28 2013 the catalyst Santa Cruz ca
January 21 2018 the fox theater oakland ca


Alright, finally getting around to putting together a list for this. Also included other bands who played. A lot of these shows have setlists on, and I could probably tell stories about all of them, but I won’t clutter the thread with that unless someone wants specifics. Haha.

  1. 1999-07-05 Cleveland, OH - Euclid Tavern w/ F-Minus / Sidecar
  2. 1999-10-06 Pittsburgh, PA - Graffiti w/ Sick of It All / Hot Water Music
  1. 2000-07-13 Cleveland, OH - Nautica Stage - Warped Tour
  2. 2000-07-18 Pittsburgh, PA - IC Light Amphitheatre - Warped Tour
  3. 2000-11-12 Pittsburgh, PA - Club Laga w/ The Distillers / Hindsight
  1. 2001-08-02 Pittsburgh, PA - IC Light Amphitheatre - Warped Tour
  2. 2001-08-07 Cleveland, OH - Nautica Stage - Warped Tour
  3. 2001-11-18 South Amboy, NJ - Krome w/ Death By Stereo / Rise Against / F-Minus / Revolution Summer
  1. 2002-06-22 Louisville, KY - Krazy Fest
  1. 2003-01-31 NYC, NY - Irving Plaza w/ The Explosion / Strike Anywhere
  2. 2003-02-01 NYC, NY - Irving Plaza w/ The Explosion / Let It Burn
  3. 2003-04-16 Pittsburgh, PA - Metropol w/ The Explosion / Strike Anywhere
  4. 2003-04-18 Columbus, OH - The Newport w/ The Explosion / Strike Anywhere
  5. 2003-05-17 Asbury Park, NJ - The Stone Pony w/ The Explosion / Most Precious Blood
  1. 2006-06-22 NYC, NY - Roseland w/ Dillinger Escape Plan / Nightmare of You
  2. 2006-07-31 Cleveland, OH - The Agora w/ Dillinger Escape Plan / Nightmare of You
  1. 2009-10-10 Sayreville, NJ - Starland Ballroom w/ Gallows
  2. 2009-10-11 Pittsburgh, PA - Club Zoo w/ Gallows
  1. 2010-01-15 Petaluma, CA - Phoenix Theater w/ Ceremony / Wolves & Thieves
  2. 2010-01-16 Reno, NV - Knitting Factory w/ Ceremony / Viva Hate
  3. 2010-08-05 Darien Center, NY - Darien Lake Performing Arts Center w/ Green Day
  1. 2013-09-10 Los Angeles, CA - The Troubadour w/ Souvenirs
  2. 2013-09-21 Byers, CO - Riot Fest
  3. 2013-10-18 Austin, TX - Mohawk w/ Touche Amore / Coming
  4. 2013-10-20 Phoenix, AZ - Marquee Theatre w/ Touche Amore / Coming
  5. 2013-10-26 Las Vegas, NV - House of Blues w/ Touche Amore / Coming
  1. 2014-11-01 Mexico City - Plaza Condesa w/ Finde
  1. 2017-01-20 Los Angeles, CA - The Troubadour w/ Chain Gang of 1974
  2. 2017-01-21 Oakland, CA - Fox Theater w/ Chain Gang of 1974 / Souvenirs
  3. 2017-01-27 Salt Lake City, UT - The Depot w/ Chain Gang of 1974 / Souvenirs
  4. 2017-02-18 Las Vegas, NV - The Joint w/ Nothing / Souvenirs
  5. 2017-02-21 San Diego, CA - The Observatory w/ Nothing / Souvenirs
  6. 2017-02-25 Los Angeles, CA - The Wiltern w/ Nothing / Souvenirs
  7. 2017-06-03 Pittsburgh, PA - Stage AE w/ Nothing / Souvenirs
  8. 2017-07-29 Las Vegas, NV - Brooklyn Bowl w/ Circa Survive / Citizen


Holy that is a hell of a list damn you got to see some am zing different live eras.Small world we were both at the Santa Cruz show and theoakland fox one.I have a question how were you fortunate to manage to do all that travelling?


I grew up near Pittsburgh and then lived there for a long time, so all the earlier eastern US shows were pretty much road trips where we’d stay with friends if someone lived close or cram too many people into hotel rooms. (If I recall, for the NYC pre-Sing the Sorrow shows in 2003 we snuck like 8 or 9 people into a room meant for 2. Ha. A few of us had driven up from Pittsburgh and met up with some other AFI board kids from that time who were from Rochester, or at least one of them was. Maybe the others were from somewhere else. As I’m sure a lot of you know, the board was a pretty fucking cool resource for stuff like that back then.)

For the past 5 years I’ve lived in Vegas, which makes it pretty easy to go to western US shows, because I’m old (35) and have no kids and a job that allows me to work remotely and with fairly flexible hours.


Mother of God… Okay, I’ve seen them 6 times.

Even in their one interview where a fan (I think it was a KROQ special) said they saw them 25 times… my point is, for me, you’ve broken the AFI show record that stuck in my mind.

Do you still have any concert stubs???


:neutral_face: … Im fucking jealous


Live at Long Beach
Burials Tour: Pomona, CA and Las Vegas
Blood Tour: Ameoba Records and Hollywood, CA


I totally remember the board and meet ups or rideshare for shows,people did favors for others it was truly a special place,I was unable to partake as I was a bit too young but I remember posting a written transcript/description of the 5 flowers dvd as it was too big to upload during the DU pre release,do you remember the whole mystery that started with the cryptic video that led to websites to decoding Cypher to MySpace then to a comic shop for a dvd then to craigslist carrying a rose and meeting smith at a corner street holding a rose and DF card to get your free pass to the secret shows.haha man that was such am exciting time I remember checking the board or afi series for new clues.You’re right though the board definitely was an amazing community of people


@STORMS I definitely didn’t throw away any ticket stubs over the years, but I’m pretty sure the first time I saw them I just paid at the door. Was like 7 bucks, I think? Haha. Any stubs I still have are either at my parents’ house or in a box I’d have to dig for here somewhere.

@Ksf145 I do know some people who did the whole roses thing to get into that 2006 Slim’s show, but I was still living in Pittsburgh at the time and didn’t make it out for that one. I do kind of wish I had been a part of that just because it was so ridiculous. Truthfully I was a little half-assed in my fandom during the whole DU era. I remember only being mildly disappointed that I didn’t get to an early 2007 OH show (Columbus, I think?) because it sold out before my friend and I could get tickets, and being glad I was out of town when they played Pittsburgh 2006 Warped Tour so I didn’t have to begrudgingly go watch AFI play just-the-hits with a Warped Tour lineup that probably mostly sucked. (I made up for it this year though, because the Blood album and tour were both awesome.)

That Ukiah show would have been really cool. Bummer that fell through. Do any of you guys have favorite or noteworthy shows out of the ones you’ve seen?


My most favorite noteworthy times with AFI was my Meet & Greet back in '03 and most recently seeing them in Sayreville, NJ. I got the last Totalimmortal. :slight_smile:


Despair Faction Show at the Troubadour:

Strength Through Wounding
Girl’s Not Grey
He Who Laughs Last…
(first time since 2001)
Dumb Kids
(first time live)
Beautiful Thieves
This Celluloid Dream
(First time since 2004)
Snow Cats
The Lost Souls
(first time since 2004)
The Prayer Position
(first time since 2003)
Miss Murder
Coin Return
The Days of the Phoenix

The Hanging Garden
(The Cure cover) (first time since 2004)
(first time since 2009)

Encore 2:
I Hope You Suffer
Silver and Cold


That is a beautiful set list.


Yeah, that 2017 Troubadour show was one of my favorites I’ve ever seen. Top 5, for sure.


Wow that set list is amazing!Perfect in almost everyway,I was sad San Francisco (Slims)hasn’t been getting the intimate shows it used to(its ok we’ve gotten our fairshare of love),the DF shows are now at the troubadour probably due to Jade and Davey moving to LA from the Bay Area,I see Adam at shows in SF and Hunter Played a Hunter Revenge gig at Slims so I think there still in the bay?


Hunters Revenge is still around???


It’s still in existence just not as frequent,he released the song "who’s gon a love you now"then did a one off show At Slims it’s almost been a decade since the last show but he says he still writes


Living in the UK, I haven’t had many chances to see AFI live.
The first time was on April 12th 2010 at O2 Academy, Birmingham, England.

Girl’s Not Grey
The Leaving Song Pt. II
I Am Trying Very Hard to Be Here
Kill Caustic
End Transmission
Perfect Fit
Beautiful Thieves
Dancing Through Sunday
Too Shy to Scream
Love Is a Many Splendored Thing
It Was Mine
…but Home Is Nowhere
Miss Murder

The Days of the Phoenix
Love Like Winter
Silver and Cold

…But Home is Nowhere is like MY song and I was hoping they would play it but knew that there was no chance. So imagine my face when they started playing it. I was in pure shock!

Second time was in June this year at Download Festival.

Girl’s Not Grey
This Celluloid Dream
So Beneath You
17 Crimes
The Lost Souls
Love Like Winter
The Leaving Song Pt. II
I Hope You Suffer
The Days of the Phoenix
Snow Cats
Paper Airplanes (Makeshift Wings)
Silver and Cold
Miss Murder


Wow but home is nowhere!That’s one I haven’t seen on set lists that must have been awesome Davey screams are so sick in that song.I love seeing now the world and would love to see synesthesia.