Post Your AFI Collections

No need to post pics, but thanks to @Snobgrass for passing on to me:

All Hsllows OG pressing
DU 12”
STS 12”
3 Bacteria Sour pressings
Heckle split in white

And an AFI skate deck for December Undergtound

Very happy to get this in one grab.

PS don’t tell my wife how much I paid.


Time to break out your spooky vinyl, it’s almost Halloween!


A Brief History/Selections From The past promos.

So anyone who follows Derek on Instagram will have seen an interesting development over the last week.

That dodgy looking ‘A brief History’ promo, that no one had heard of and appeared a little while back may actually be a genuine promo thanks to info from Adam Carson.

This now opens up far more questions than it answers, for me anyway, chiefly, why do ‘a brief history’ and ‘selections from the past’ have the exact same track list. This can’t just be pure coincidence.

Could ‘Selections’ also be genuine, and intended for a different purpose? Or has someone got hold of ‘a brief history’ or at least a digital copy of it and thought it would make a good bootleg promo, in which case who and why bother change the artwork etc. Selections is not an to ‘easy’ to find promo, so why go to that kind of effort for only a handful of copies?

Either way, props to derek for taking that punt, struck gold there by the look of it :+1:.


If so, that is wild… and good for him!

Yeah I’m really shocked that we all were wrong


This history behind that disc just turned into amazing considering STS was their biggest commercial success…

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This is an old photo that I havnt updated but here is some of it :slightly_smiling_face: xx


Today’s newest additions! I also just got a record player so now I can actually listen to my collection


Whats the number. On ur pink eddies? Or did you get a limited to 20 un numbered one?

Hey sorry for the delay. It’s 78

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Any chance you want to sell your EPAW?

So, this just happened! I don’t think I’ve seen it sell for that kind of price in well over 10 years. A one off? Or are people moving back to cd’s for collecting?

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People probably have money to blow with their stimulus checks.

Just picked this up off of Discogs. It’s my first copy I’ve seen in person and I know I paid a little more but I’ve been trying to track this down for a while now. Just opened and found it came with a patch! This copy is so clean and crisp, I’d almost say mint! No number of 200


Would you mind posting a picture of the reverse side of the sleeve? I’m interested to see it unnumbered.

I mean, the insert is flawless. Not a ripple, nothing! It’s so clean I wonder if it was copied from another one. But it came with the patch which is also so crisp, so I’d like to think it was just really really taken care of.

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That’s pretty cool dude. Someone took care of that for sure.

Another cool pick up, we’ll I thought. Bootleg patches?

Couple of bootlegs I’ve recently got my hands on, with some not so aesthetic artwork…


Actually took me ages to get hold of those bootlegs mainly because there was no way I was willing to part with much to get them.

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