Post Your AFI Collections

So I was so disappointed in not winning the Crash Love vinyl that I went onto eBay. I don’t usually spend this much but I want to know if it was a good deal - a lot of vinyls including Crash Love and Decemberunderground. Any comments or validations? Lol

I wouldnt say its a good deal per say but fair price for the lot but what really matters in the long run is that your happy you now have it.

Fair is good :smile: And so far I’ve never regretted buying any AFI merch, but I felt I would regret not buying these two albums when I had the chance. Except for Burials, I now have all the albums on vinyl!

Both CL and DU vinyls can go for a lot. DU has gone for $300 on its own… so I would agree that it was a fair buy. Plus, now you have them.

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Are there any reported cases of error pressings of the Girl’s Not Grey CD single? I got a copy of CD1 from Amazon (the one that’s supposed to have the Synesthesia demo and the Hanging Garden cover), but the songs that were on it were the early versions of Reiver’s Music and Now the World. I can confirm it wasn’t just the seller giving me the CD2 GNG single because the CD art is different and the included music video is the normal version and not the “prelude” version.

I’m not entirely sure if its a bootleg though because the jewel case and inserts have signs of weathering and the sticker on the front seems legitimate as well.

Ha, so true story. This is what kickstarted my collection back in 2003.

It’s a legit error pressing. I picked both singles up on release only to find that both discs had the same songs. A week later the correct pressings were released and people who had bought the error pressing were offered a free trade. I decided to keep it and just buy the correct pressing. That’s where my collection was born.


Oh wow! I didn’t know this, the more you know, huh?

Also as a side note, do all of the Days of the Phoenix EP copies have their UPCs punched out? I’m wondering if I might have a resold promo copy from back then.

Days Of The Phoenix is a tricky one. Off the top of my head I can’t remember what mine is like. There are a lot of bootlegs of that Ep kicking about though. Some are easy to spot by looking at the disc itself. Some though are pretty much impossible to tell. I go with a general rule of thumb with that Ep that if you buy it from a collector or someone from the UK then it’s likely to be genuine.

Ahh, yeah, the thing with the CD art right? Mine is legit I’m pretty sure, I ordered it from another AFI fan back before the bootlegs came out and it was kept in excellent condition. I just thought it was a bit weird since normally UPC punchouts are done for promos, maybe it was from a punk radio station back then.

I’m just musing at this point, its fun thinking about AFI merch and the stories it can tell.

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No need to post pics, but thanks to @Snobgrass for passing on to me:

All Hsllows OG pressing
DU 12”
STS 12”
3 Bacteria Sour pressings
Heckle split in white

And an AFI skate deck for December Undergtound

Very happy to get this in one grab.

PS don’t tell my wife how much I paid.


Time to break out your spooky vinyl, it’s almost Halloween!


A Brief History/Selections From The past promos.

So anyone who follows Derek on Instagram will have seen an interesting development over the last week.

That dodgy looking ‘A brief History’ promo, that no one had heard of and appeared a little while back may actually be a genuine promo thanks to info from Adam Carson.

This now opens up far more questions than it answers, for me anyway, chiefly, why do ‘a brief history’ and ‘selections from the past’ have the exact same track list. This can’t just be pure coincidence.

Could ‘Selections’ also be genuine, and intended for a different purpose? Or has someone got hold of ‘a brief history’ or at least a digital copy of it and thought it would make a good bootleg promo, in which case who and why bother change the artwork etc. Selections is not an to ‘easy’ to find promo, so why go to that kind of effort for only a handful of copies?

Either way, props to derek for taking that punt, struck gold there by the look of it :+1:.


If so, that is wild… and good for him!

Yeah I’m really shocked that we all were wrong


This history behind that disc just turned into amazing considering STS was their biggest commercial success…

This is an old photo that I havnt updated but here is some of it :slightly_smiling_face: xx


Today’s newest additions! I also just got a record player so now I can actually listen to my collection


Whats the number. On ur pink eddies? Or did you get a limited to 20 un numbered one?

Hey sorry for the delay. It’s 78

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