Post Your AFI Collections


I’m in a bit of a slump financially right now, so I haven’t been buying much. Grabbed some of those Russian flexi bootlegs because I think they’re hilarious, but I’m still waiting for those to come in.


Dude, definitely post some pics when they arrive. I seriously remember seeing one on eBay at least 10 years ago that I have always thought I should have bought.


Congrats on getting it!

I finally got mine a few months ago. It’s an amazing record to have. Enjoy!


Did I mail that Wingnut photo to you?


Got them in today. I’ll post pictures tomorrow.


Thanks! Seems like this record is harder to come by for some reason.


Sweet, looking forward to seeing them.


Hmmm… that might be impossible to determine. I got it off of eBay years ago. If it was you, thanks!

Those older press photos are rare as hell anymore. There’s only one older one I’m missing I believe. There on steps and there’s a pumpkin lantern.


I waited around 15 years to find one that I could afford. Thank God for finally becoming an adult. LOL. But it does seem to be a really difficult record to find. But now we have it. :grin:


I think that’s the one with Frank instead of Hunter.

And yeah, I didn’t sell any photos on eBay, so no, it wasn’t me!


I finally did a full pic of my media collection (I accidently left Clandestine in my room) last night. This took way too long, and actually scared me by the sheer volume of stuff I had, but damn is this ever cool. I need a bigger kitchen.


Dude, such a great collection. Thank you for sharing, mine is a 1/4th in size and I know how much of a pain in the ass it is to get it all unpacked and arranged. Awesome :+1:


YOU HAVE 2 DORKS? :frowning: = jealous.

GREAT PHOTO! Looks like it took a while to carefully set that up. :slight_smile:


1.5 hours to set, 3 to put away :sob:


Hi everyone! Here’s some of my ‘The Art of Drowning’ collection. Annoyingly I forgot a couple of bits and also picked up a few more vinyls since this photo.


Awesome Dude! Great collection. I need the last cd on the right…the Days of the Phoenix single radio promo…very hard to find.


VERY NICE! I think you actually have a few AOD shirts that I don’t have… impressive!

I see you have your Art skate deck still in the wrap. That’s the ONLY other one besides mine that I’ve seen. That means there is 498 more of them around. It makes you wonder how many were actually used and how many are in great shape like ours. :wink:


Nitro Albums! :ok_hand:t3:


Is that a green BSITS or is it just the lighting?


I think it’s more of a Teal colour.