Post Your AFI Collections


Heh, a lot of the pre-artwork promos are basic/ugly looking. It adds to their charm! :sweat_smile:


Country is Europe on this one:


I got my hands on this joke of a promo and I can’t get over the disc art.


lol that is terrible.

I’ve got a question for you guys. How do you feel about autographs on collectible items?


Shout me if you see another one!


Errmm just a nice to have, but not a must have. I’ve replaced some items with signed if I manage to get hold of them for a decent price.


I’d rather buy it straight from the band or receive it in person, otherwise, it doesn’t change the value. Getting my tour poster signed in person is much more meaningful than paying for it. I have a bunch of stuff throughout the years that was signed, but unless I met them, it doesn’t change the value nor the desire to me.


Okay, cool. I just bought a Wester promo CD signed by the band because it was fairly cheap (compared to the one on Discogs). I’ve never cared too much one way or the other for autographs, so I wanted to see what everyone else thinks.


I noticed that and had thought it was a real good price regardless.


Yeah, I ended up paying $30 for it. Only the CD though, no artwork.


Exactly what I feel. Back in the day I’d buy signed stuff, and in the end, it had no meaning to me. Back in 2008 I sent a couple of 7" sleeves to Geoff and he signed them for me, and he got Davey to sign them, too! All by mail haha.


I remember that - super cool! That relationship might be a bit frosty now though :slightly_frowning_face:


Finally snagged this, first one I have ever owned. Paid too much for it but I wanted it.


lol yeah, got them signed just in time haha


Nitro Era Posters…


You just need the coffin shaped All Hallows one :disappointed_relieved:


I’ve been looking for a good copy of the ATASF poster for awhile. I found some before but they’ve always been folded. I have all the others in perfect, non-creased condition but I’m waiting to frame them until I get ATASF.


Watch this space… :crossed_fingers:t3:


Yeah, mine we’re all folded When I got them new from Interpunk years ago.
I have 2 spare All Hallows’ posters that are brand new (rolled, not folded) from the 10" rerelease if anyone wanted to trade them for something.


Won a VPOY poster on eBay a few months back but it got stolen from the lobby in my building.