Post Your AFI Collections


That’s funny because I bought mine from Interpunk years ago also but they’re still rolled in their poster tube. That $2 extra for the tube is worth it.


Balls! Missed a trick there! :frowning:


Some people requested a HQ scan of this picture. At least one person DMed me and requested it,
so here it is.

As I wrote a few months ago on Reddit, I would greatly appreciate it if people scanned their posters at a good 600ppi resolution, and share it with other fans, so we can all save money on this.

Had to upload the raw file to because tinypic shrinked it:!0w9y1IaS!g5DRinUSV5tNwfmFjPtfJ37_Bf69D5b2hUO2oxCiC9o



I had all of them, but now missing the bottom two. All the others I have since framed. I have two SYMAOYE.

Do you have this one??? If so, please post a pic…


Thanks @dnl


Here’s a short 1 mins showcase of the messenger bag, blanket, wall paper and poster. I received the items today. :slight_smile:


I like the new merch. Poster is made out of stockier paper and isn’t cheaply made. The blanket is similar material of a massive hoodie.


The blanket is nicer than I was expecting. Not that I was expecting to be disappointed but my daughters Frozen blanket is a fleece blanket and it’s not my favorite material. This AFI blanket is thicker and has a fleece feel underneath. I’m very happy with it.


Got this through yesterday. The seller had a few, I got it on a 2nd chance offer. There’s another on ebay already.


I bid on this too, and also got a second chance buy it now. It was almost $100 us. I asked @Acidpickle if he was the one I was bidding against…it wasn’t him. Literally 2 minuets after the bid closed I got that offer…I thought it was fishy so I didn’t buy it. I just saw the other one on there now too.


It was the Italian dude who didn’t pay for my Wingnut 8x10" (then left negative feedback when I insisted he should pay). But he had enough to buy this clearly! Like I said, the seller told me they had 2 and possibly could get a 3rd. One of these went in Germany a while back which I think is what Derek already got. The contenders are wittling down so you’ll probably get a bargain! It’s becoming an expensive month!


What was his username?


“a_fire_inside” or something similar.
He messaged saying he was going to “play” with me because I insisted he should pay for the item he won and I’d put through an unpaid item strike if I had to. I offered him an extra month to pay and the excuses kept coming. He called me arrogant and a few other things. I sent some unsavoury responses… Never again


Sucks to hear that. That’s Andrea85. Dude has a massive collection with a bunch of stuff I’ve never seen anywhere else.

I don’t even understand why eBay would let you leave feedback for an item that was never paid for.


Ah, Andrea85. The greediest, biggest dickhead I’ve come accross with. He ripped me off in a trade. I sent him several shows and was supposed to receive the Too Shy To Scream demo, which he never sent. Luckily, he did send Darling I Want To Destroy You with clean vocals.


This is super nice! I’ll be curious to see how much this other one goes for.


Okay so those promos are the same but different Countrys listed? Mine had Germany on it. Also, it claims to be watermarked, but I cannot find a single instance on the recordings anywhere.

Also, let’s keep these generic on Discogs cause I don’t think we need a ton of releases with a different country on the disc, or do we?


Andrea85 is the only person I’ve ever had to block on Discogs. Dude sends so many messages. Whenever I edit his submissions he likes to send angry messages also. If I was pettier man I would go through his submissions with a fine tooth comb just to fuck with him.


Only one submission should suffice. Based on the images, the only differences seem to he the country titles printed. Not sure how significant that difference is to everyone.

I’ll upload photos to that French promo too.


Yeh, basically the same thing. Happy to go along with that :+1: