Post Your AFI Collections


Yeh the worst thing is that we messaged occasioanlly and I gave him info/opinions on stuff or we just messaged about AFI shit. We were quite friendly and he screwed me over. I blocked him in the end on ebay, then emails cos the messages didn’t stop. “You lost your right to be…”


Ugh, he went and added useless camera pics of albums I already fully scanned in and I haven’t been motivated enough to go back and update the listings. Why change the main pic to something improperly cropped and that was already sufficient enough?


The wonders of Discogs. Personally I lament the passing of Deadformat. You could put 6 hi-res photos of everything up without other people messing your stuff up!


When the semester is over, I’m going to go back and fix some of his additions.
My most recent semi-argument was over that heckle split. He kept changing it to test press even though it isn’t. He sent me so many angry messages to stop changing it from test press. Finally had to block him.


Discogs > deadformat by a mile


What are the guidelines regarding white label vs. test pressing?


Simple. It has to have test pressing written somewhere on the release. If not, it’s considered white label. It can be both too.


I consulted with @dnlkdwll when I first started submitting and update as he had done a huge amount of work prior. Well done on keeping the peace as much as possible all this time.


Thanks. I’ve spent hours (!) updating AFI’s Discogs page over the years. I’m not the discogs expert, but I’ve learned a lot. I’m not sure about the rest of you, but my AFI collection is about a quarter of everything I own so I’m all over.
Andrea85 makes such shit submissions but I don’t have the time to clean them up. He’s violating guidelines on almost all of his submissions. He’s also removed some valid info that’ll need to be added back on some.


"Is there anything in the etching to mark it as a TP? I seem to remember there might be a “T” after the cat number? " - my measured response

“hahahahahahahahaha :joy:” - my first response


Thought I’d weigh in. Came across this site a couple of days a go randomly. Think a couple of people on here may recognise me from other social media sites over the years. Collection is up in various bits on my insta (same name).

@4ibanez I’m gutted your deadformat page has gone. That was my go to for years when I was after various bits. I find discogs hard work at times.


Hey all,I made a thread for band promo photos and other rare merch,if having promo photos can take away from your auctions I’ll take em down and keep my photo collecting private,I really can’t afford the promo pics but they belong on my wall :slight_smile:


Welcome! :slight_smile:


Good to see you on here mate. Remember you from the DF days!


Ah those were the days. Shame the old site died. Was a useful place for the collectors to share info. Looks like this place has revived it. Knew there were a few people still collecting seriously (outside of the the vinyl hype).


The cheeky fuck has made a submission on Discogs using a picture he stole from my deadformat (DU Chile)!!! Does he actually own it?! I added a proper pic of the Korean edition, and will add the normal (not promo) Thai version too. Some of my favourite ones.
Here they are for the forum


What’s the upper one? I’ve got it, but have forgotten what it exactly is.


1st one is the Thai edition, 2nd is Korean.


That’s what I thought. Couldn’t remember if it was a promo or not. Didn’t look like one. Been that long since I got it I can’t remember how I came by it on eBay.


Got a new addition to my AOD collection -

The big bats just something I painted…