Post Your AFI Collections


I LOVE the big bats! That’s almost my favorite part of the photo. :slight_smile:

So I clearly did not keep up with the Nitro releases. I tried keeping up with them back in '02/'03 when AFI was going to Dreamworks.




Regarding small posters and promo pics, I would like to direct your attention to this thread:


Poster collection complete!


Moved this to the right thread. I got hold of this from a French collector - happy to top up the STS era material. Can’t believe anyone thought Comic Sans was a good idea though!
@Snobgrass the insert is just a couple of bits of paper glued to make a mini booklet type thing. Nothing other than the cover and the tracklist on the back. No I defintely haven’t got everything! I picked up a Medicate EU promo the other day too. I didn’t even realise it existed - almost identical to the UK one (both made in the EU) other than the cat number


Early 2000s was strange. Comic sans was everywhere. Unfortunately, that comic sans makes the CD absolutely worthless. You should just sell it. Maybe to someone on here.


I agree 100 percent. It’s hidious and I would love to buy it from you.


Ha ha! Yes indeed. Awful but in an endearing way - like a grandparent trying to play video games.


I’m pretty sure there is nothing really significant about this Burials CD other than it was a library edition, which i thoight was interesting.

Also my Burials CD doesn’t have a jewel case.


Yeah, nothing special. Library editions are just the standard release cut to fit into whatever case the library uses. You could argue that CD is worth less because someone damaged it.


It was cheap so I just went with it.


I have way too much so I’m just gonna do cds :joy::joy::joy:


I’d kill for the black sails one omg​:heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Damn, you weren’t lying when you said they signed your whole discography. Shit. Impressive!


I think it’s funny he has a signed Nitro Retrospective which AFI released a statement for, saying they were against that release.


I don’t see them raising a fuss about that during a show… I mean, I could see Hunter just letting someone know that hey, “Just so you know I didn’t play in this album. but I’m more than happy to sign” kind of thing.

For example, during the next tour cycle I wouldn’t be surprised if fans brought the AAI reissues including the Dork to get signed.


lol same guy whose first post was a freakout post in a dork thread about how the band disapproves


Wow, yeah… I guess there’s some irony.

Then again I never knew the band didn’t approve of all of the Nitro re-releases or the retro CD.


Me and Davey already discussed it and called them assholes for that and the a history nitro disc but he signed it anyways stay in ur lane


Those 2 were given to me I didn’t actually purchase them so great job trolling.o