Post Your AFI Collections


lol why don’t you stay in your lane and not dictate how someone spends their money if you’re going to be such a hypocrite




The point remains though. Just because you two discussed it and called them “assholes” doesn’t change the fact that you have that CD. It also doesn’t change the fact that you did bark in the other thread about the Dork reprint, another AFI item that they do not/did not approve of.

Again, the point remains. You still have something that they do not approve of.



Oh, the irony.


let’s move on, please. :wink:

Btw I forgot I had this gem!

Japanese version of ATASF


Wow I would love that I finally got all the promo photos except one.If anyone would like my reprints send me a message,I have them digital or reprinted at the highest ppi,A display of the framed dicog,cds,annndddd vinyl is currently my holy grail,signed too btw!


I just snatched these… seemed like the best deal on the internet… they were only listed for a few hrs.

Got them for $27 each (including shipping) FUCK EBAY sometimes… lol.


Wow that’s a great pickup especially at that price!Was it a buy it now?I assume the vinyls are colored aswell.Man those are going to look awesome!Bt
W I made appointments with people and permission of tenants for our’s underway!


Yep, Buy It Now for $25 each with $2 shipping. That same seller has Jade’s and Davey’s but they’re more expensive since they’re still sealed.

Regarding the project; that is awesome. Good work, Kurt! This project is very exciting to think about. :slight_smile:


Finally able to buy one of these French promos!


Gotta really love and hate ebay sometimes… lol.

Congrats on that score!


Mannnnnnn, my work computer froze at the last 30 seconds, and I missed out bidding.

I’m so defeated


I wasn’t going to bid on it again either. I thought for sure you were going to end up with it…I know you still need it.


Ouch! That’s horrible luck :anguished:


I’ve been watching that one drop too. I’d categorize this as one of my biggest failures in life, aside from birth.


Shit, now I feel worse than ever. If I ever deduce to sell it you get first shot.


Ahaha nah, I’m glad it was someone on these boards. Makes the pain tolerable :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


OMG I love it! What an amazing collection! Do you have duplicates of the 7s?or full length vinyl?I will pay market price!I’d lovea fly in the ointment !


Nice. Was watching that. Almost tempted to have a bid, but still holding on to that pipe dream that I’ll one day find it on the cheap


@Snobgrass I GOT IT! :slight_smile: (Thanks again for pointing it out!)

I paid more than I wanted to ($77), but that’s ebay. I really hope I wasn’t bidding against anyone on here… lol.

Regardless, thank bananas for the mobile app. I got outbid with like literally 5 seconds to go and I was able to reclaim “high bidder”. :slight_smile: