Post Your AFI Collections


I received these beauties today! $27 each w/ shipping!!!

EDIT: Also, it looks like I might have gotten the DF-voted purple A Fire Inside EP vinyl for $18 (w/ shipping) from the same seller I got the Black Crash Love from. :slight_smile:

@Snobgrass @dnlkdwll do you remember how much that vinyl was originally?


It’s been so long, probably $10-$15? $18 isn’t a bad price for that purple one.


Received my black Crash Love today!

Thanks again @Snobgrass for pointing it out to me.


So pretty. Congrats on getting it!


Finally got a frame for my OG copy of Dork. Really happy with the way it looks.


love the black all black look to it


Looks fantastic Bro!


That frame looks familiar


I definitely got the frame from your link lol. Thanks!


Got my hands on the DF voted, purple colored A Fire Inside vinyl EP.

Thanks to Jason, who I also got the black Crash Love from. He sold this to me for a total of $18 without even listing it on ebay. The dude was super swell for doing that… and it was still sealed!


Jealous. So jealous!


Well, finally posting mine! Included my two Dreamcar items. Not much interesting aside from the Australian CD of Burials (I’m from the US), the blue All Hallows EP and The Lowdown, which is just a bootleg interview boxset. This is after less than a year of AFI collecting though, so I’m off to a pretty good start!


We collectors all started the same way…with nothing. Keep it up, check eBay everyday, check out Discogs’s and ask us if we have doubles triples we are willing to sell. We are one big family and are excited when someone catches the collecting urge like we have. @Acidpickle @4ibanez @insectpins.


Yeah, mine started totally by accident when I walked into HMV 15 years ago to buy the girls not grey single only to find out that one of the discs was an error pressing. Decided to keep it anyway.

Just made a couple of recent additions. Blood album acetate promo, and seeing as I was in Australia thought I’d add the Australian blood album to my collection (didn’t find any other of the Aussie editions)


Fyi, for anyone wanting an acetate blood album promo there is a seller who keeps listing one. When it sells another goes up. The price has dropped significantly as more have been sold, so someone should be able to grab it fairly cheap if they want it for their collection


Thanks man! It’s good to be collecting. The main problem is that I collect stuff from so many artists that it’s hard to focus on just one band. AFI is one of my favorites though!


You have a very nice collection, even if it is smaller compared to some of us on here.

When I look at your AFI and related items, you have them displayed nicely, plus they look brand new so you’re clearly caring for them. To any AFI collector, that is most important. :slight_smile:


Finally, Christmas gift a litttle late…but my rarest item to date.


I’m interested in this mine got stolen!Oops the signed DU insert


Keep your overpriced spam out of my thread please.