Post Your AFI Collections


Hey, you can move these images into the AFI collection post. That’s fine. These don’t seem to be Spam. But anything that inundates users with goods to sell/mocks what the community is about will probably be flagged. These photos are fine; just please move them into the AFI collections post. I can’t do it myself right now because I’m traveling and am not on my computer.

@STORMS let me know if that’s okay.


Thank you! I appreciate it. :slight_smile: enjoy the boards! Usually we have some cool discussions and stuff.


Your thread should be in a different forum at least. On top of that, we already have a thread for this kind of thing. So there is no need to make a new thread for it.


I’m new to the boards. I read that someone said there’s only about 10 copies of the green version so I had to post mine that I had.


That was me that said that. The green variant is currently my most sought-after record.


Thats nice…very nice :ok_hand:


Welcome @Tbureau87

Nice records!


Yo @4ibanez, what’ve you been up to dude, didn’t think you’re still into the afi game :smiley: I’ve definitely been slacking for the past… 6 or 7 years? But this board kinda got me excited again.

Awesome collections everyone, some of those pieces brought up feelings of jealousy I long thought were dead. So kudos! :smile:


Hey @Slinch, do you still have that System Failure cassette?


Yeah, it’s still kicking around somewhere back home. Haven’t gone through my afi stuff in ages (shame on me, I know), but I kinda want to now :smiley:


I just wanted to announce that I found two more relics at my mother-in-laws today.

BSITS cassette tape & old school AFI patch (black with block AFI letters). :slight_smile:


Hey man, yeh I picked it all up a again in mid/end of 2016. I’d lost a bit of interest prior to that. Relentlessly searching ebay so as to not miss out on some unknown rarity became tiresome. There was probably a period of 6 months where nothing interesting appeared. It outweighed the pleasure of maybe eventually getting some random acetate with 1 track and no artwork! Now I just try to accept that if I miss out then I miss out. And I try to just keep an eye on what’s out there now and then. If I get an opportunity to get something new then of course I’ll still go for it!:syringe::syringe::syringe:

You might not have seen - I did get very lucky getting hold of an STS gold disc :flushed:

The latest album seems to have rejuvinated things. A fair number of rarities appeared, and people are going all out - no longer just us 2! A Dork sold on ebay for $1000 last year (remember when they were selling for like $250?) crazy FITO Halloween Test press prices recently too. Also someone even made me a huge offer for my DU test press last week!! You’ve got some catching up to do :wink:


Yeah man, I’ve seen that STS plaque shortly after you got it, and for a really good price as well! No biggie, when I was still heavy into collecting it was jut my second most wanted piece ever!! :smiley: Luckily by that time I eased up on afi, otherwise the jealousy would have kept me up at night :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m still not really into most of their recent albums, so I’ve decided to primarily focus on vinyl, and just pick up random other stuff that I come across, but definitely not to the level I used to.

But it was fun times, even though it was hella stressful, I always remember thinking to myself that the only way I can grab some super rare pieces was if it was a buy-it-now price, because if it’s an auction, that 4ibanez dude will always outbid me. So obviously when it was an auction, I was just hoping you either wouldn’t see it or your internet would die. :rofl:

Yeah, I saw that Dork, and that $600 FITO, things are getting crazy. I didn’t expect it, but I’m glad there’s more and more people popping up and going wild, for a while there it was really just us two battling it out :slight_smile:


@Slinch and @4ibanez …you 2 are the Godfathers of AFI collecting, I remember first starting out back in mid 2000’s and I was like “who the F are these 2 guys…they win/buy/have everything!” LOL, now I know that @Acidpickle , @insectpins, @Hammonds, and @dnlkdwll are in the mix now too…its awesome, you all are who I look up too…crazy amounts of knowledge and your collections are fantastic.


Glad you found it! I remember you sending me a rip of it, which I then lost :frowning:


There were people before us too. Sistinas had a load of test pressings, but there was a Canadian dude (Tony Fitz) who had an extensive collection - that really got me hooked. He eventually sold it all and I bought a job lot of 10 really rare pieces from him that I hadn’t been able to track down. Opening that box was like every xmas ever had come early!


Yeah, Slinch and 4ibanez were always my go to back in the day. Insane collections!


So…I don’t have an AFI record collection :frowning: All the albums are on my Amazon Music…and of course I bought them…I don’t care that I get them for free on Amazon Unlimited…it would be fair not to pay for them :wink:

Anyway…what I do have and wanted to share as I told @STORMS once…it’s my AFI Clothing and stuff collections :slight_smile:


Been trying to get this one forever. Black on black tour variant of Sing the Sorrow. Debating on opening it or keeping it sealed.


Keep it sealed! Where did you get it? I need this too!!