Post Your AFI Collections


Found it on Discogs.


I remember selling mine for 80 bucks in 2013


Finally got the blue AH in, so the set is once again complete (I think).


How the F did you find the test press for the 10”?? Love that pic Bro!!


Nice! What’s the difference with the CD’s…?


Ha, just noticed it! Great, something else to look out for…


From memory it’s more of an ‘error’ than anything else (I could be wrong, been a while since I looked it up), so even harder to come across.


No-brainer! SEALED! Unless you have the opportunity in a few years to get it signed.

I personally have two copies, one sealed and one loose… thankfully.

Congrats on that score btw.


My current Sing the Sorrow CD collection. If anyone knows where I could pick up a Mexico, Argentina or Taiwan copy please let me know. There’s nothing on Discogs at the moment. :weary:


Do you have the Ukranian version? That’s the one without any animal on the disc art, right?


Yeah it’s one of the Silver ones but I’m not sure I’ve checked the disc. I think the majority of mine if not all of them have that flower thing on the disc. I still need the US Club version that has the Dead Bird on it. Hook me up people if anyone has one of those spare! :metal:t3:


Standard US red has the dead bird also


Does it? Every copy I have has the foraminifer, aside from the black on black that I can’t check but assume has the octopus.


Yeah the Ukrainian Copy is all black, just checked. A lot of mine are sealed but the 10 or so so that are opened are all that flower thing.



Awesome. I think one of the European copies has a really dark print of the foraminifer too.


Yeah. All the standard copies have it. In the US, it was the most common variant in stores.


Huh, okay. There’s tree foraminifer, dead bird, octopus, and the blank Ukranian CD. Are there any other variants of CD artwork?


Not that I know of. 3 for each color (red/silver/black).


I just got a new phone (finally!) so I’ll be posting some pictures of all my AFI shit when I get a chance.

In the meantime - my phone’s lock screen/background:

(Thank you awesome dude who I stole this picture from on the old official boards some years ago, for getting such a sick shot.)