Post Your AFI Collections


That version of Davey seeing him as a preteen blew my fricking mind.God those shows were insane.They would have hardcore bands open and I was new to the scene and remember everyone chill as hell then the hardcore band hits the first note and everyone was beating on each other what an introduction it was.I didn’t know to run or call the police.I had to brave it I was like a buck ten so I was freaking out.


this will now be forever known as the 6:14 photo. :slight_smile:


Should have taken the screencap at 3:36. Missed opportunity. :joy:


My favorite number is 6 :slight_smile:

Awesome screencap :wink:



Just wait until I post a picture of my shrine.

And all my pictures of Davey.

…you know, not that it’s getting to a point that I’m beginning to feel my fanaticism is becoming pathological or getting out of hand or anything like that…


I’ve seen those 3 pop up on eBay from time to time. There was an Argentinian one a little while back.

I’m also missing the dead bird. Think I’ve got 9 or 10 copies of STS. Every one is the formanifer


My standard (red) copy of Sing the Sorrow is the foraminifer as well, but my copy of Clandestine was the dead crow. I have the black on black and just acquired the silver on black as well but those I’m keeping sealed.


I always seem to find the best things on eBay when randomly checking in the middle of the night! :grinning:


Omg I suck so hard at technology.


Okay because I’m a complete retard I’m trying this again, with screencaps, because I still photograph in portait in 2018 and apparently this forum freaks out and flips them sideways anyway when I tried to post them.

I wasn’t lying when I said it’s almost a shrine.

Posters I haven’t gotten around to framing yet.

And this

I’ll be the first to admit I’ve had like the biggest mancrush on Davey for the last 20 years.

Ah, you’re still my main man, Dave…

And just because…

Oh yeah and if you were wondering - yes that’s a blanket under all my AFI stuff. I couldn’t put everything directly on the floor even though I had just vacuumed lol. God forbid a speck of dust gets on something. :joy:

Also I had quite a scare trying to find my silver Sing the Sorrow. I recently got it and I had left it in the bubble mailer. I thought I had maybe thrown it out by accident. :scream:


Nice find! I’ve never seen the CD version before.


Impressive collection! :open_mouth:


Thanks! It’s not as impressive as some people’s here and obviously I’m missing some things (especially vinyl) but I love what I have and wouldn’t part with any of it for the world.


My newest and more expensive additions are test pressings:

And the entire AAI lineup:


That’s Awesome! Love it!! :raised_hands:t3:


Any story on how you found the test pressings? I’m always curious on how you, @4ibanez, @insectpins @Slinch find these rare gems. So awesome Bro!


Again super happy for you to get them. Gonna be a buzzkill now though (or hopefully assist)!.. you seem to be missing a version of BTT. There are 3 versions of the normal pressing: 1st press (/400) transparent against the light, black, 2nd press opaque black (/100), 3rd version is part of the 1st press (20ish I think) with the different insert and photocopied sleeve - it isn’t remarkably different to the eye, but the insert is the giveaway. I don’t have the regular black Atom Age pressings. Assume if I placed an order now I’d receive the black pressings?

As for mine, I bought the Key Lime Pie ones from Sistinas and Bombing the Bay from another DFer - Sunder Munich I think, all these were via the message boards. Sistinas is a former AFI collector who had a load of test pressings. I think she was a big Tiger Army fan and probably knew GK personally. The rest of mine from memory are from ebay…


Where did you find that photocopied sleeve one? I assume that one will be another holy grail I’ll take years to find.


Ebay about 9 years ago!


I’m new to the site and my first time posting so hopefully the pic uploads… I’m more of autograph collector than anything but here is my AFI collection… most of it is signed… I included some of Daveys other projects, sorry of that’s frowned upon…


No way is that frowned upon,that is an awesome collection!I’m an autograph seeker too.What setlists is that I see?Any cool stories behind your autograph experiences?That Son of Sam vinyl is pretty rare I think there was a pink pressing and two others I may be wrong though.Tha signed STS vinyl😍