Post Your AFI Collections


The set list is for the 1st dream car show they had… Hmm actually nothing too interesting but they’re always cool when i see them… thanks, i still need hunter on it and on crash…


Does anyone have the two different inserts for three Wingnut ATASF vinyl? I can’t remember what the alternate looks like.


I might still have some pics somewhere, I’ll try to find em.
Edit: nothing on my PC. I’ll take a pic when I stop back home later today if noone else posts.

@Acidpickle those tests, where and how much??? :smiley:


This is the one that’s a bit more elusive.


I got them from Geoff. And I spent enough that I need to re-evaluate my life


Haha, I don’t think I’d go all out anymore, given the chance. :slight_smile: Congrats man!

Here’s the two inserts side by side


What’s the going rate for an early EP test press?


@Acidpickle @Slinch Awesome, thanks for sharing.


500 USD or so. Definitely a pricy one.


That’s a price I would lay down quickly also, especially it being a test pressing.

You guys amaze me everyday with these items. Most of it I never knew existed.



I’d also quickly pay that price…


Damn. You guys would hate me if you knew how much I acquired mine for.


Yes… I am feeling some hate for you, but I’m also very happy with our new domain name so that makes me feel better. :slight_smile:


I would actually love to know!


About a fifth of what you quoted. The seller was unsure of how much it was worth and was really hoping I would take it off his hands for that much.
I’ve never spent more than $150 for a single vinyl in my collection (with the exception of dork) or $75 for a CD. If you’re patient, then things come around at a good price. Like the recent Blood album promos. At first everyone was driving up the price to over 100. I just waited and was able to get it for $15 like 2 months later. For me, right now is a terrible time to buy AFI as everyone is overvaluing their stuff and there are so many new collectors that are giving into the prices. There’s no joy to in collecting right now. Give it a year and prices will level out.


Yeah I agree and was also someone that held back on the Blood Promo, picking one up for £10.
I think it’s just difficult if you have like 90% of the main stuff available that you’re naturally tempted to pay over the odds for the other bits you’re after. I personally can’t get too excited about test presses at the moment so I’m thankful for that but totally respect you guys that do.
I think there are still some deals to be had but you just need to get lucky and move quickly!
I’ve really ramped up my collecting in the last year or so following @Acidpickle selling me a vinyl on the Trading Group and since then I picked up a copy of Dork that cost shit loads from Discogs but I’ve also grabbed some bargains as well.
My Girls Not Grey French Promo was from a local record shop and I paid just £10!!, I also snapped up that All Hallows’ coffin poster and the Miss Murder Remixes CD as ‘Buy it Nows’ on eBay where they were clearly worth significantly more.



I’m starting to feel like it’s just not going to happen for me… the Dork is my holy grail.


It took 7 years to find mine. In the past two years more copies have been going up for sale. Just gotta be patient.

I paid $386 for mine two years ago, and I’m fine with that.


That’s a bargain!! I got mine in July last year and I think as a result I currently hold the record on Discogs for the most amount of money spent on something AFI related!

Keep checking @STORMS one will turn up again and I’m sure everyone will give you the heads up on here.


I remember the best advice I was given when I started to collect was be patient. I’m honestly surprised at how expensive things are now. Maybe a lot of it has to do with the vinyl “trend” in general right now and vinyl pricing across the board. But then again, these cycles occur all the time. Eventually the prices will go back down and when the band starts promoting a new album, the prices will go back up