Post Your AFI Collections


I’ve been waiting for the trend to die for a few years now.

But yeah, be patient and don’t be afraid to make people offers on stuff. That guy on Discogs that was selling that copy of Dork for $1000 was willing to drop to $700 a few months after I messaged him. I had already bought my copy, otherwise I might have taken him up on it.


Remember when a new album cost $15 on release? The vinyl industry is crazy right now. One day people are going to wise up and start asking themselves why they spend so much on film scores.


I would spend $1K on the Dork.

It would really complete my collection. I remember how happy I was when I won BTT on ebay.

I do need to be patient and I have been. I just tend to get jealous when many of you on here have it. :slight_smile:


Dude, don’t knock film scores :smiley: But yeah, honestly I spend way too much on soundtracks/scores, both film and video game ones. Though I also buy a ton of movies, so I guess it kinda makes sense. And lately it seems that 4 out of 5 records I buy are synthwave. As for vinyl prices, it’s getting ridiculous. Thankfully I got rid of the need to always get the limited version, so for the most part I wait for the cheapest price, thanks to amazon and sites like dodax.

My most expensive record is still the AH 7" test at $550 shipped, and I doubt I’d ever pay more for any piece of music.


Something about film scores on vinyl are irresistible to be.


Sell me system failure and buy more synth wave


Nothing wrong with the scores, just the prices and general overhype they receive (anyone remember the Stranger Things vinyl release?).

And if you buy film scores and synthwave albums, then I know you are broke. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:Whenever I find a synthwave album I want (that hasn’t sold out quickly), its always crazy expensive to have shipped to the US.


I mean, I’m from EU so it’s the one genre where I actually don’t have to import everything, like I do with 80% of the rest my collection. But yeah, single LPs usually start at around $30, so it’s not like living closer makes it any less expensive :smiley:


All of this :+1:.

I’ve been collecting for 15 years now (10 where I’ve actually made a conscious effort to seek out things). I’m pretty patient most of the time. My collection would be almost twice the size if I went out of my way to buy everything I haven’t been willing to pay the price for. I’d also be massively in debt!
Also handy collecting for so long that I know what the price of things were at their absolute peak popularity


I know it’s a counterfeit, but has anyone else seen that Brownie Bottom Sundae picture disc on eBay? I’ve never heard of that one before.


Is that even a record? Where are the grooves?


Looking closer, it actually seems like a shitty mockup.


definitely a fake. The same style pic is used in another item the seller has. Needless to say, do not buy this unless you’re fine with throwing away $200.


Does this warrant a separate thread from “Post Your Collections”? Like a Watch Out or Bootleg Hunters thread?


Nah I wouldn’t worry about it. There aren’t enough AFI counterfeits to warrant it.


The only real one which catches people out is the bootleg days of the Phoenix ep. Best way to avoid them is buy from a UK seller. Chances are it’s the real deal given it was a uk tour release. Hasn’t been so much of a problem lately. Was more of an issue about 10 years ago.

Dork was also counterfeited, but given the price the original goes for only serious collectors get involved with it, and most of those know what to look out for.


I forgot about the DotP counterfeit. Haven’t seen that or any fake Dorks in years.

What are the differences between real and fake DotP EPs?


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Where did you guys get those nice Dork frames? I may get them for my Eddie Picnics and Behind the Times.


@dnlkdwll linked this a while back, I think.


Yeah somewhere in the last 500 posts of this thread, I linked that