Post Your AFI Collections


Was just searching through my eBay feedback and found out that I sold an ATASF cassette signed by Mark, Adam and Hunter to @insectpins haha


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@dnlkdwll @insectpins


I see the EPAW probably moved when you moved the frame. The best thing is to get some paper to put behind it so it doesn’t move. White paper works best especially with a color vinyl.


I did turn it so you can read the text. :slight_smile:




Looks beautiful! Thanks again for telling me about that website. If I were to take this to my local framing shop, I guarantee you I’d be paying close to $200 to frame these two how I’d want them.


So much awesome today in this thread



Does anyone need a green copy of SYM? I’ve got a sealed copy I’m willing to sell.


Finally added the dark red variant to my collection.


Where did you buy from?


Afi buy and sell on Facebook


Can you share a link to that group? I cannot seem to find it.


Afi Fans - Trading Group

I couldn’t figure out how to link it :joy:


Boom. Finally got my hands on one of these after god knows how many years of waiting :muscle:


And you got it for a great price too. I almost bid on it just to try and get a second copy…I bought a sleeping bag instead lol!! Great add to you collection.


@Cher_I_Despair you’re due for a post. I know you’ve gotten goodies lately. :wink:


I’m looking for colored alternatives of blood on vinyl preferably used as they’re cheaper.Also want a 3d version of FITO and a normal version of FITO.A used Black Sails vinyl,DU 7"box set,and a Newbury comics All hallows blue vinyl.Love like winter picture disc,336 picture disc,I’d prefer to buy from members first before I scour ebay and discogs.Just a heads up,hope all you peeps are doing well


@Acidpickle @BrandonsNotGrey @insectpins
Hey everyone I’ve finally decided to sell the collection. For the sake of consolidation I’ll be trying to keep all the communications on reddit here:

My Discogs profile

Please include an offer :slight_smile:

If you can’t use reddit you can PM me here and we can work something out. Feel free to have a look and thank you!


Messaged in multiple places :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: