Post Your AFI Collections


I’ll definitely be interested in a number of these!!


We’re doing a lot of home improvement stuff right now so unless it’s a Dork or a rare test pressing, etc… or Burials DF stuff… I gotta stand back and watch others. :slight_smile:


Messaged! Few bits on there that have jumped out


Pretty sure I scored like a bandit on this one. Got this for $11.66 w/ shipping.


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Don’t have a pic as I’m driving but my wife and I ( who I met because of afi) have a shar d collection of almost every original Print t shirt vynals all albums afi, blaqk audio, xtrmst, dreamcar and have not 1 but 2 copy’s of clandestine 1 mint never opened in original plastic and one we enjoy plus concert DVDs and exclusive blood tour posters from an early listening party that was invite only. Not to mention wristbands art and artisha plush ect. We’re fans to say the least :stuck_out_tongue:


@Str8edg-xtrmst get some photos posted. :wink:


For some reason, quite a few DU skate decks were posted on Ebay the past couple of weeks. I was able to grab one for a pretty low price.


Great score. I only have one; Art.


I have an extra du box set but unfortunately its missing the cover disc that has prelude and miss murder so its only the 5 vinyls with davey hunter adam jade and smiths faces :frowning: Because its in complete I wouldnt sell it but if anyone is interested in It ill trade it for any pressings of the first 5 nitro records.


That sounds cool for a trade I have access to a extra copy it’s a grey AOD,maybe others I’ll check if you don’t want the AOD,I think the Grey is common


I’m not sure what is worse than revisiting a collectible after it’s been in storage to find that something is missing. Same thing with my AOD advance CD. I have the case… no idea where the disc got to. :frowning:


Which grey one? This is what I have for art of drowning so far


Black sails so far


Shut your mouth and open your eyes


Very proud of ya which needs alot of work :joy::joy::joy:


I don’t miss the days of Nitro releasing these like crazy back in the day. SYMAOYE was the one with the most. I’m talking during 2002.


Inhabe the must answer that and stay fashionable 1st wingut press 2nd wingnut press and red wingnut tour edition both box set version hot topic red red nitro repress with shitty labels and like 5 others.


Dude that red AOD is awesome!I’m pretty sure my AoD is grey swirl like you have,I have a Symaoye that I’ll check,I can snag a VPOY and make sure it’s a different color than what you got and throw in a orange colored All Hallows.My DU set was stolen and it was signed and my DU cd booklet was stolen also signed.I want to buy the large vinyl so bad but my life goes horribly wrong whenever I have it in my possesion!I’m definitely interested I’m going throuh SF and Berkeley so ill pop in the shops for you,I’d love that 7set incomplete is fine with me.Still going to the Santa Barbara show I’m in for that and the concord one.You’re Symaoye game is strong,is that your favorite or just one you’ve seen the most,anyways kudos.


I can get you crash love and december underground both for 40$ each a friend if mine is getting rid if hers thats a steal for both those vinyls. Also the grey seitl aod is actually a limited to 300 smoke grey so it may be different


Id get the 336 from ebay I just shared a link and my friend won it for 9.50 no one bidded it lol. I got mine free from @STORMS with the twitter contest​:grin::grin::grin: like only me and 2 other people entered lol. Only fly in ointments I have is glow in dark first pressing yellow second pressing and black third pressing wonder how many 3d ones there are