Post Your AFI Collections


Dude I will buy both asap!CrashLove and DU,I’ll also find you something for your 7" set,I’ll be hitting the stores tomorrow.I’ll get you a copy of the orange all hallows just for letting me know,I know it’s a newer release but the shops have been pretty unlucky lately.That is awesome FITO is my favorite maybe I’m biased because my tattoo artist drew it,he ws going to give me the original drawing because he knows what a fan boy I am but his coworker had thrown it away on accident!Tragic.I love the 3d edition do you have buttons and all?I think the buttons are numbered im not sure if thats related to the pressing #.I bought my AoD used in SF I’ll take a picture of that and my Symaoye and you can see.I highly doubt I got lucky and got a 300 ltd press.There’s like 3-4 variations of grey,Who knows there’s got to be at least 20 colors,that gets expensive.Thank you man I’d love those vinyls,I’ll buy you a shirt at the SB show.


I know you collect the cd’s,I’ve seen a couple copies of STS grey and red both with the warning stickers property of the label warnings with a hole punched through the upc.Are these rare,or kind of similar collection thing like wanting colored vinyls.Just curious because I’ve seen these pop up.


I already have that orange all hallows repress I wosh i had an original


I’ll find you something most like VPOY.I Wan the 7 set you got and I’ll buy the Crash and DU vinyls.Thanks my dude!


My Symaoye is light grey swirl btw


Dude, pm me. I’ve got one spare (if I can remember where I put it). Bought one off eBay a little while back pretty cheap. Was listed as something slightly different, so gambled on it just in case. Sure we can work something out if you want it.


I posted this photo on our Instagram yesterday and wanted to share it here too of course.

Funny how much I cherish this magazine ad so many years later. I’m glad I nabbed it from the magazine!


This is exciting


We’re you the winner of that $51 ending bid? If so, that’s awesome! It’s a great deal for this CD sealed so many years later.


Yeah, shipping and import charges ramped it up a little, but even with that it’s well under what I was expecting to pay for it


Nice find! Congrats :smiley:

This thread is so full of awesome stuff :open_mouth: My AFI “collection” consists of mostly just regular-edition CD’s, my DF welcome pack, some posters that date back to my teen years (haha) and the IHAV DVD :sweat_smile:


It’s here :black_heart::black_heart::black_heart:


Beaut. Congrats! I’m so glad I picked up an extra back in the day.


Just received this beauty today! This might even complete my AOD disc collection…


That’s a great addition! Good find.
These are my latest:



One of my latest additions -


How did you get this??


I’ve picked it all up individually over the last year. I did a swap with someone for the poster ages ago but recently got the shirt, patch and the armband from someone on eBay to complete the set!


Sweet scores!

I need the Burials package. I only have the Burials DF poster… I need everything else. Well, I did get the shirt but it’s a womans small… lol, I didn’t realize that when I bought it.