Post Your AFI Collections


Awesome!! Yeah I’m trying to pick up bits off the 3rd and 4th packages now. Currently only got the poster from the 3rd (DU) package and the pins and patch from the 4th (Burials) package.
I got a sweet DF Du era shirt recently as well. I’ll do you a photo so that you can update the DF archive.



WTF!!! I’ve never seen that one before! Is that a tour shirt or was there a mysterious DU DF package???


Yeah looks like a European Tour shirt -


I also avoid this thread for that reason…


Havent posted in awhile new additions to my collection some fly in the ointmenta and a limited to 20 un numbered pink eddies picnic all wet and a white heckle split


New color variants I just recieved as well


You’ve got a few I don’t have including the pink Eddie’s. Good scores!


The pic says it all


How many extras are you trading?


Just that green AOD. Otherwise I don’t have any extras for trade right now.


Not a bad buy for $27


Wow @Snobgrass !!! Hell yeah a good score… damn.


Wow!Where did this happen bro?! I’ve been stalking ebay for any kind of FITO and no luck.Damn that’s awesome.Do you have any duplicates you’d want to part with it can be fito or anything else,I’m interested if so


$5 of it was for shipping…I still need the glow in the dark version.


It’s really impressive how FITO has devalued. I remember in 2006 when it went for $150.


A lot of this stuff went for more before Discogs started. I remember pink Eddie Picnics going for over $300 regularly.


I had been watching it on eBay for a few days last week and the starting bid was only $15. I sniped it last second for $22.


Awesome man,I’ve been searching ebay pretty extensively but I missed that,I don’t know how.Good score!


Your 7 collection is a thing of envy,I like it! Question ,what pressing is your Answer that with the center sticker of the band as a group as opposed to the gun and afi logo,is that just the flip side or an entire different pressing with a different logo?Thanks dude.
PS what was the ballpark price of the pink Eddies and the white heckle,I’ve never come across those,if you don’t mind me asking of course,Eitherway beautiful collection!:heart_eyes: