Post Your AFI Collections


I don’t remember what the price used to be, but I paid $70 for one copy and $40 for another.

A few years back my local record store was selling one of the black/white marble changeover pressings for like $120. I wish I had jumped on that.


Theres 3 wingnut answer that pressing the first one with the guys on it in black the red tour edition and the one with gun sticker I got lucky and paid 160 for the limited to 20 un numbered pink eddies picnic and 50$ For the white heckle this guy gave me this huge bundle of 13 records for like 450$


I’m pretty sure the last Wingnut pressing also has two different insert designs too.


That you are correct the 3rd pressings with all 4 guys and the album name has a different insert then the 1st and 2nd pressings


Some of the last press come with that insert but most come with the original insert.


Wow thanks for the pics and info,just when I think I know what to look for there’s a different sticker along with 25 plus colored vinyls not to mention the picture of the album where Davey is visibly wearing a ring then in another pressing the ring is gone…joke. I wouldn’t have it any other way I love the hunt.


Go on then. Own up. Who won this. Also, well played :clap:


So this thing is legit? I’m not finding it on Discogs or am I missing it?


I want to say yes. I’m sure I’ve seen pictures of it before. But I could be wrong

EDIT: if it’s not legit I feel a little bit less bad about not winning it!


That would be me, I’m not sure if its legit or not, but I could not take the chance. I felt bad because I figured some of you would be bidding. I need @Acidpickle, @4ibanez or @insectpins to put there 2 cents in on if they think this is legit…

This one is on Discogs but is not legit, i own this also and paid too much for it.


No pretty sure that’s not legit. On the rear there’s none of the usual manufacturing/promo info. Also someone with technical knowledge could probably confirm, but DreamWorks don’t have rights to any of those songs - and there’s no mention of Nitro anywhere…
Still cool though!


The shitty thing is that anyone can make a disc like that… but I think we were all on the same page with confusion / “this is awesome”.


seeing that DreamWorks symbol was the only reason I didn’t want to not try to bid on it. Appreciate the info my Friend.


I came here to post exactly what you said. Very doubtful it’s real.


Ah, that’s the ‘promo’ I’ve seen before.

Figured the buyer would be on here. I almost stuck in a final bid, but then figured if I was really up against one of the big hitters on here then it would have to be a silly bid for me to win it


3 more appeared after a maximum price was established :thinking:


Well, at least everyone on here knows not to bid now…I don’t mind being the idiot lol!


Was just coming to post that. If no one stumps up for it, then I’m guessing everyone who was bidding is in here


$80 for a CD?? Prices just continue to go up and up.


It was also the era. Promo stuff from 00-03 is rare and hot.