Post Your AFI Collections


Not really though. I see stuff all the time.


It’s weird how the CD prices keep going up but the vinyl prices keep dropping. It’s interesting to look at sold ebay listing.


@Acidpickle @4ibanez I emailed the seller of these and this was his response…I know it’s bull$hit, just wanted to share it.


I would LOVE for this to turn around for you and somehow be real.


That would be pretty sweet haha!


I like the little caveat at the end “from what I was told”. Hmmm.


CD prices are still away off what they were 10 years ago. You can pick up things like the AOD promo or ‘A History’ for well under $20 now, where as back then you were looking at around 60-70, sometimes higher. Some things have held there value better. Only a couple of things (hard rock cafe promo being one) that have jumped up in the last few years.


As things have pretty much dried up for me in the promos/rarities search, I figured I would start picking up some of the regional variants of various albums.

This In itself tends to be a bit of a mission what with sellers mistakenly Listing a cd from one country when it’s actually from another. Case in point, I bought what I thought would be an EU sing the sorrow, but alas, turns out to be another US edition. My mood took an upward swing when I opened up the cd case. I’ve finally got the dead bird cd! Only taken about 10 attempts.


Tell me the story here… is this version of the CD a variant of the US version?


Mine happened to come in the club edition.

Otherwise I do believe it’s a random insertion.

Best practice would be to ask absolutely every single time you intend to buy for a picture. Most people on Discogs can’t read or put them in the right listing.


There’s 3 different disc covers. A sea urchin, dead bird and an octopus. I believe the octopus only appears on the Black sts tour edition. There are numerous theories about which editions contain the other 2, but in my experience it’s just been random. I believe the sea urchin is more common, certainly over here in the uk. I don’t think the dead bird is particularly hard to find or anything, I’ve just been unlucky on the most part


Don’t laugh. I missed the Burials era, which I will regret forever.


Just got my DU vinyl! My seller was awesome enough to include this schedule sheet for a show he must’ve worked for(?). This is sick. I’ve never seen one of these before.

EDIT: this is apparently called a “run-of-show” sheet.

Here’s the set list from the show:

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How rare is the Sing the Sorrow stencil? It was only given to street team members.


Photo so I know what you’re referring to?


I will get it out and post a pic. I stumbled on it cleaning out my attic. I can’t find it online anywhere. In the early 2000’s it was given to street team member with stickers and posters. I was lucky enough to get one. It’s a white plastic stencil.



Found “This is Berkeley” record too. Think it’s a first press, seeing that I got it in the late 90s.


Wow, both of these I’ve never seen before… good stuff!

EDIT: didn’t realize it was just the back of the Berkeley record. I do have that. The stencil, I don’t though.