Post Your AFI Collections


That’s bad ass. Could definitely put that to good use still.


After many many years, finally got round to doing something with my df patches. Cheers to whoever it was that did this a while back for the inspiration :+1:


I need that Burials patch… :frowning:

Looks good, @Hammonds !


Other than looking str8 punx on a jean jacket, I don’t know what else to use patches for :man_shrugging:t2:



I don’t do hats but that is awesome! I have a jean jacket project I’m working on… will post photos when it’s done. :slight_smile:


Just received these today!


The Thai cassette. Just need the Malaysian one to complete the trio.


Where did you score that?


I need some advice. My local record shop has a light orange first press of All Hallows. They are asking $200 and I offered $150 but they’re firm at $200. Is $200 too steep or should I hold out for eBay or discogs. Also it’s mint condition


BUY IT. My advice. They’re incredibly rare to see anymore. I don’t remember the last time I saw one on Ebay.

$200 really is not bad, plus this shop is helping you avoid a bidding battle.

EDIT: on another note I’m working on putting together a framed original DF package. I may just have to frame it myself… if I have it done professionally… holy shit will it be expensive. I need the original poster again… mine got lost over the years.


Depends how desperately you want it and how long you are willing to wait. They don’t come up too often and when the do the ‘buy it now’ price is usually north of $150. If you are patient and willing to wait anywhere up to a number of years for it then you’ll likely end up finding it at a price you like. Took me 10 years to get some of the things in my collection because I had a firm price that I didn’t want to go over.


Alright, you twisted my arm. I bought it. I’m glad because it had been there two weeks now and I’ve been thinking about it daily.


Do you think you could scan this image in so I could make my own stencil?



Such an amazing tour and it wasnt even a headling tour after my last 3 shiw next week im gonna be so sad that its over with


I definitely wouldn’t be too sad if I were you. There’s basically no one else doing what you’re doing. You’re going to be seeing AFI 32 times within 2 years…

17 shows last year.
15 for this tour.
I really have no words.


You’re kind of amazing, I can hardly believe you’ve been to so many shows!

Also I hope I can meet up with you in Seattle!


Idk I feel like it might be a while before they tour again cause theyve been so tour heavy I mean yeah theres Blaqk Audio to look forward to but my wallet will love the break though.


Was you doing anything besides seattle cause I may just have to skip I was promisd a ticket for that show for my bday and I keep asking but nothing has been 100% established by the other person soooo now im not sure I can make that one or not.


Only Vancouver. That’s such a bummer! I hope the ticket materializes!


Managed to get my vinyl collection into 3 photos its small on comparison to some but Im always looking to make it grow