Post Your AFI Collections


One of these days I’ll have that tour edition… nice grabs @Snobgrass


I have another extra If you want it for 75$ @STORMS I had a total of 4​:joy::joy::joy::joy: ones signed by geoff ones not and i still have my copy.


I’m so excited!!! Maybe not the hugest deal for the seasoned AFI vinyl collectors here, but I just snagged all four color variants of the Blood Album. All I desperately wanted was the purple one, and tried when it came out initially but they were gone like that snap. Got it on ebay so we shall see when it gets here…

Also got the Nitro Years box set recently (clear, sadly no pendant). And I am excited for that as well.

I never really cared about vinyl, since I figured I already had it on MP3, CD, whatever, why bother? But I’ve really gotten into it in the last few months. Can’t wait to have a listen!! (Not really a “mint” collector. I buy things to enjoy them.)


Finally. First one I’ve owned, and it’s one of the 20 unnumbered sleeves.


Congrats! :smiley: Looks awesome! :smiley:


Welcome to the club sir :grin::grin::grin: I spent like 1200 on dork -_-


@STORMS I still have an extra One signed by geoff Kresge for 100$ if you want me to hold it for you I also have my copy and an extra one unsigned I had 4​:joy::joy::joy:


And extra Dork or Eddie’s? I can dream… lmao


No a red tour editiom answer that but if I get a good deal on either of those Ill snag it for you


At risk of sounding dumb or asking this in the wrong place, are AFI cassettes very hard to come by? I’ve been searching for almost a year and there’s a couple releases I’ve never seen pop up anywhere.


Fairly rare although lately I’ve seen a few DU cassettes pop up… so they’re rarity in different regions might be questionable.

Cassettes and video cassettes for older song videos are fairly rare though.


Actually not dumb at all.

There are cassettes for STS and DU, both released in Asia, so they’re fairly rare.

I once had an ATASF cassette signed by Hunter, Davey, adam and Mark. I bought it not knowing it was signed for $15, and I sold it for $60 as soon as I received it.


Seeings how I needed to find that homemade cd to post pics I figured I’d get everything out for updated pics.


I like how you keep the homemade cd as part of the collection anyway.


Everyone has such great collections!

Is there a known quantity of the nitro color presses?


Awesome collection @Snobgrass! I genuinely love seeing everyone’s pics! Here’s some of my recent additions/photos I’ve done…


A few more Nitro variants…


First ever VHS score:


And a really sick one at that! Congrats


Thanks Slinch, im totally stoked, never really thought I’d find one to buy. I can’t find it on Discogs, do you happen to have one of these or know anything about it?