Post Your AFI Collections


Nah, the earliest I was able to find was Totalimmortal. First time I’m even seeing a pre-BSITS VHS. But if there was a video made, a promo VHS exists (or existed), it’s just that the further back you go, the less likely you’re to find one, so this is really quite an amazing find.


Thank you, very interesting. Appreciate the info.


@Snobgrass where. The. Fuck. Did. You. Find. That.


@STORMS I just randomly found it on eBay with a buy it now if $99. I went through Discogs first to see if it was listed there, but it wasn’t, so I figured it may be fairly rare. So I just took a gamble and bought it. I don’t have a VCR so I can’t play it but it seems legitimate.


LMAO .99… wow.

Great score! I’m glad it’s in good hands!


Love Like Winter :white_check_mark:


Hey everyone im letting go of some doubles of vinyl heres the list.Feel free to pm me offers,would prefer to sell complete if possible

Dork-Reissue Red cover #d to 100 black vinyl
Clandestine Book with CD and DVD pertaining to STS
Symaoye-Grey Variant
Atasf-Grey Variant
Aod-Grey Variant
Burials-Black vinyl
Blood- Red Vinyl-Signed by all 4 of the guys
All Hallows 10" Orange Vinyl
Fly in the Ointment 3D Red/Blue Vinyl Comes with all stickers,#d buttons
Fly in the Ointment-Rainbow Splatter Stickers and inserts\c
Love like winter 7’ picture disk\




I dont have those fly im ointments I might be interested even though im trying to sell some myself for money for bills


sure dude i knpw youd give them a great home


DF Patches


Jealous of that Burials patch - only one I don’t have.:slight_smile:


Does this count as collection?

Unmastered version (tagged as radio mix) with finally a decent vocal mix and audible bass.


Hey Pablo do those FLAC files require certain Headphones(im guessing super high quality noise cancelling)and do you need certain programs or speakers to get the optimal FLAC format?Im suoer into FLAC but want to know whats needed to truly take advantage of the quality.Thanks


@Snobgrass I still like your better but I did just grab this one too:


Where can I get these?


That is a cool find @STORMS. I wish I would have found that first lol!!


@Snobgrass It’s only fair to inform you if you haven’t noticed already… both VHS’ that you and I purchased on ebay are from the same seller. We should probably keep an eye on his items going forward… you never know.


Who’s the guy on the left… not Vic, right?


That’s Frank Vicario (from Snapcase), who was gonna join AFI for a minute in 1997, when Hunter got sent back to the bass player temp agency or whatever.

They never played any shows with him, but I am kinda curious if they had any practice sessions or anything.