Post Your AFI Collections


I just got that sweater:]


February was a good month for collecting Nitro variants. Came across a few good ones:

Now I expect to not find anything else for a few months.


Wow that photographed very nicely!Those are the holy grail of shirts!If you dont mind my asking,whats the story behind finding each shirt,what was the hardest/and what one took the longest to find?If you got them at the original shows then I bow to you and am not worthy.Lol.
Someone tweet it to Davey and the guys,theyl definitely show love


Thank you! And no i don’t mind, so all i had originally were the fall children and aod fountain angel shirt. I bought fc from cinderblock and the aod i got from my first afi show back in 2000. But those were smalls which i eventually grew out of so i had to re buy/find em. The aod one was pretty to difficult. All the other shirts from ATASF and vpoy era were surprisingly easy to find too, bought those from original owners, just having connections on social media and checking ebay. I have way more shirts, ill take a updated pic later on when i get time. I have some black sails shirts that i love.


Wow! Good work @dnlkdwll. Where did you find these bad boys! :ok_hand:t3:


ebay. Most where opened but some were also sealed in the listing. If the price is fair enough and I can tell from the back cover that it isn’t a Concord reissue, I’ll take a gamble. Worst case scenario its a variant I already have and then I just resell on Discogs. Found and resold this one recently also:



Bringing some STS love to the AFI Collections thread… :fallen_leaf:


Oh Lordy, :star_struck:


That vinyl tho!!:heart_eyes: I’ve never seen a cassette for sale what’s the price point if you don’t mind,they’d be cool to have.The stickers are awesome too,not too many left of those!Awesome.congrats on the score


Some rare patches, poster, shirts and a cap.


I hope this isn’t against rules here…but I am desperately looking for any AFI tapes that I can find and have been for a while. Does anyone here have cassettes they’d be willing to part with? Been looking everywhere, figured I’d look here too. :slight_smile:


I’ve got them all and with the exception of The art of Drowning Promo, they’re also all sealed. :heart_eyes: They’re probably one of my favourite parts of my collection though and unfortunately wouldn’t sell. I’d imagine you’d have difficulties trying to get them from other collectors as well!

Check out Discogs though as there’s currently AT&SF, SYM&OYE, STS and DU cassettes all on there. Good luck! :+1:t3:


Dude you have one of the best collections I’ve seen,I’d love to see it’s entirety.Good job!


My Fly In The Ointment Collection. :right_anger_bubble::mosquito:


Selections from the past promo. Is this a genuine promo or bootleg? Can’t remember the origins of this one.


Definitely a bootleg. I haven’t seen that one in years.


Wow?! Go on then who got it?


Off the top of my head, this might be the most I’ve seen a cd go for