Post Your AFI Collections


:raised_hands:t3: Congrats @Acidpickle! I hope the CD gets its own seat on a plane for that kind of money when it’s sent to you! Ha.


I’m gonna post videos of me listening to the mixes with headphones on just to tease you all.


Nice one. I expected it to go north of $100, didn’t expect that high mind. Be interesting to know how different (if at all) they are to the final releases.


It shot from $100 to $500 in one bid so someone else threw up a big max bid.


hey sorry about that max bid lol. i knew with that kind of price some information would turn up on the internet somewhere, so i traced it back to here. will post some pics of some stuff, let me know if your interested in any audio trading for the tracks when you get it, would like to hear them as well

New user so limited to 3 post




Would love to hear that Too Shy to Scream demo.


Now that’s some stuff I’m interested in




It’s a bootleg, but it intrigued me


@Hammonds that looks sick


This is my growing shirt collection. Not nearly as impressive as most of you guys! Also, unlike most, I like shirts that are worn in and I wear them often. The EBHC shirt is a bootleg. My local record shop was selling them so I grabbed one.


So, just noticed on eBay that a DOTP EP has gone up. Throwing this picture up for anyone considering buying it. Only 500 should be in circulation and the vast majority (if not all) were sold in the uk. Unfortunately about 10-15 years ago a load of counterfeits flooded places like eBay. The seller appears to be UK based, so that is usually a good sign, but the pictures unfortunately don’t show the disc print. Apologies if it’s anyone on here selling it (may wanna chuck up a pic of the front of the disc)



Do not hold your breath on that.


@Acidpicklehow rare is that promo CD? It’s legit, yes? Congrats on that score!

@barrcodez your promos blew me away… it seems there are always items popping up that I’ve never seen… good stuff!


I talked to Adam. He said that would be a disc they used to decide who’s mix to go with for 336.


Wow… wow… very nice. How did you talk to him, via Instagram?


The best verification you can get really. Money well spent :+1: