Post Your AFI Collections

He’s asked me a few times about pressing info. So obviously Nitro’s record keeping was just as good for the band members.

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The cover design is like its come from a custom greeting card website on the default setting. The inner pages of the booklet are interesting. A catalogue of bootlegs from loads of different artists, all with the same album design.

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The DOTP ep is up on the FB trade group. Asked the seller to post a pic of the front of the disc, he did, and it looks real enough.

Incidentally there was another counterfeit version back in the day. That version is pretty much impossible to tell any difference between the real and fake. It’s why when I was looking for a copy of the ep way back I’d only consider buying off a collector or someone from the UK. For a release that was limited to 500, it appears on eBay more regularly than it should.

Been a while since I put up a full cd shot. Might be the last full one I do, as I’m running out of floor space


Man, today I got an email saying that my tumbler account (which I made only to post my afi collection shots) turned 10 years old. That’s the last time I took a pic of the entire collection. Damn, time flies.


Updated Black Sails collection…


could i get it somehow from you ??

I’ve run out of patches to buy! :pensive: If anyone has any I don’t have (that they no longer want) then please let me know!


Let’s all admire the fact that all of these are still in amazing shape, even YEARS later. Nick, I am very glad you have a Dork, because we all can rest easy knowing it’s in great care.


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I don’t know if this is the right place for this but I’m getting desperate at this point haha. So, I’ve had this wallet since 2007, obviously it’s severely worn out. But I can’t find pictures of it on the internet anywhere.
Does ANYONE have this wallet in good condition that they’re willing to part with? Or know where the heck I could find one? I believe it came from Hot Topic, but I’m honestly not sure. I got it as a gift.

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I might have it… I’ll check when I get home.

You would be my absolute hero. the middle panel has a silhouette shot of the band. You can… kinda tell from this photo. But, super worn out like I said. >_<

Okay, mine is different. Same era, but different wallet:


Dang. Yeah, I have that one too

wow id love to hear the alternate versions and instrumentals,To go further down the rabbit hole i wonder how many alternates and mixes their are in total,im guessing it started with STS since it was the major label debut.

I’ve caved and ordered one of the Newbury comics AOD vinyl. Don’t usually go for multiple colour ways, but this one admittedly does look pretty smart


Happy belated 23rd bday vpoy. My 3rd favorite afi record


Guitar pick collection…


I’ve been looking for a few of the early eps, does anyone know of any hot leads or interest in selling…

Behind or Eddie picnics…

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I remember the pain of hunting these two down…

Just keep a lookout… they eventually surface.